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‘Affluenza Teen’ To Spend Nearly 2 Years In Jail

Affluenza Teen’ To Spend Nearly 2 Years In Jail

Ethan Couch got “no party, no cake, no ice cream” when he turned 19 on Monday, and on Wednesday, he got something quite a bit worse. The so-called “Affluenza Teen” was sentenced to four consecutive 180-day terms in Tarrant County jail by state District Judge Wayne Salvant during Couch’s first appearance in adult court. The AP explains that the Fort Worth judge was able to hand out more jail time as part of the conditions of Couch’s adult probation. The four terms relate to four counts of intoxication manslaughter, reports the AP; Couch killed four people and severely injured several others in a DUI crash in 2013.

ABC News reports that Salvant did say the total term—10 days short of two years—could change. The Dallas Morning News backs that up with this quote from Salvant: “Nothing I do is in stone, so I might reconsider.” He said both sides could make their arguments in coming weeks. But Salvant was clear about one point: “You’re not getting out of jail today,” he told Couch, per NBC News, which notes the case will resume in two weeks. The AP notes it isn’t clear if Couch’s 720 days will include time already served.



4 replies on “‘Affluenza Teen’ To Spend Nearly 2 Years In Jail”

When you are wealthy you can kill five people and get only two years.

It isn’t much jail time for all he’s done but maybe he’ll get some karma while in jail.

Put him in general population in prison for those two years, maybe he’ll grow a conscience.

They’re not sending us their best people. Many are rapists and murderers.

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