Airbus Circling Approach At Calvi/Corsica Airport

Airbus Circling Approach At Calvi/Corsica Airport


Dear friends and followers, today´s video will show you how to fly a circling approach towards runway 36 at Calvi/Corsica airport.
This is one of my favourite airports to fly to within Europe.
It´s exciting to fly the circling approach, cause there are a lot of things you need to concentrate on at the same time.
Initially, you fly the localizer approach towards Runway 18, once reaching a specified distance from the runway you then turn on heading 190 until you´re abeam of the threshold, the regain heading 180, fly that for 20 seconds, as seen in the video, you are then in the downwind of the runway, once reaching 20 seconds you star your 180 turn with a constant descent rate until reaching final runway heading and proceed towards the threshold.
It sounds easier then it is. And be aware this is a CAPTAIN LANDING ONLY, meaning I was just assisting/pilot monitoring. My captain had to have special training in the simulator to perform this procedure here at Calvi.

Why can you hear the TERRAIN AHEAD warning sound?
You can hear the GPWS (Ground proximity warning system) kick it prior our turn. The GPWS doesn´t anticipate the turn, and has the impression that we are flying towards the mountain, therefore it warns you about the approaching terrain. More about the GPWS in a future video.



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