Alabama Teacher Admits To Having Sexual Relationship With 3 Students

Boy, she sure kept herself busy.

Now what would a day without a teacher/student sex scandal be? Nothing, that’s what. And since you already know about the Catholic school teacher who had sex with a student, and about the teacher who gave a student weed to get him in the mood to have sex, it’s time we tell you about a former teacher named Ashley Parkins Pruitt.

Photo: Facebook

The 30-year-old married mother of one has pleaded guilty to two counts of sex act or deviant sexual intercourse with student and two counts of porn distribution to a minor. And guess what? She admitted to inappropriate sexual behavior with three of her male high school students.

Let’s list them: Pruitt, who was a English and physical education teacher at Appalachian High School, had oral sex with one student in a car.

Student number two was told by Pruitt that she wanted to take his virginity, and she proceeded to send him nude Snaps.

And student number three ‘made out’ with Pruitt. Also in a car. Oh, Pruitt also send Snaps of her boobs and her vagina to him.

All of these students were in her class at one point or another, so that’s how Pruitt met them.

If Pruitt accepts the plea agreement, she would have to spend 15 years behind bars. Pruitt would also have to register as a sex offender.

So good luck, lady. You’ve pretty much taken a dump on your life.


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