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Alaska Fishermen Catch Halibut Larger Than A Friggin’ Jeep, Truly A Living Dinosaur

Alaska Fishermen Catch Halibut Larger Than A Friggin’ Jeep, Truly A Living Dinosaur



A total behemoth of a Halibut fish was caught last week in Alaska, and while it weighed in at roughly 60 pounds off of a record this fish is still large enough to swallow a Golden Retriever and/or bear cub and not think twice about it. By the miracle of fate, reporter Abigail Collins of Alaska’s KFSK-FM Radio was on the docks when this huge halibut showed up at the scales and managed to take a picture of this living dinosaur that has been spread like wildfire amongst the fishing community, going viral almost the instant she snapped the photograph.


This incredible fish weighed in at a whopping 396-pounds, which is around 60 or so pounds shy of the 459lb0oz all tackle world record for Pacific Halibut set by angler Jack Tragis in Alaska’s Dutch Harbor back on June 11th, 1996. Halibut is one of my favorite fish to eat in the world, it’s absolutely delicious when prepared properly. If you’re wondering when the best time of year to eat Pacific Halibut is I’d say that now is one of the top times!

The year-round chilly waters of Alaska produce some of the largest Halibut found anywhere in the world. The frigid waters help create the perfect cornucopia of factors allowing the largest halibut (fish) in the world to grow, most notably the icy Alaskan water means slower metabolisms from the apex predators so fish like Halibut face considerably less danger than they would in somewhere like The Caribbean or Hawaii (Halibut would also never be found in those waters for the very same reasons). Across the country, over in the Northern Atlantic’s chilly waters we also get very huge halibut but the all-tackle world record for Atlantic Halibut doesn’t reside within America. That record was set by angler Thomas Nielsen on July 28th, 2004 when he brought a 418lb13oz Atlantic Halibut to the scales in Vannaya Troms, Norway.

For more on this catch be sure to click on over to Alaska’s,

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Magnificent creature; let’s kill it! They should do a Discovery Channel show about this. They’re all about plundering the environment for greed. Throw in a D-list celeb former basketball star and some producer-engineered conflict and you have the formula down pat.

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