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The Alt-Right Is Trying To Recruit Children Via The ‘Pokémon Go Nazi Challenge’

The Alt-Right Is Trying To Recruit Children Via The ‘Pokémon Go Nazi Challenge’


The aspiring ubermenschen of the alt-right have come up with a novel way to recruit kids while they’re still young and impressionable: With flyers at Pokemon Go stations.

As first reported by Vocativ, neo-Nazi blogger Andrew Anglin of “The Daily Stormer” claims an enterprising “Stormer” has been putting up fliers at the IRL locations of Pokemon Go “gyms” in an unnamed “American town” in an effort to woo teenage boys to their cause.


Via The Daily Stormer:

 The Daily Stormer was designed to appeal to teenagers, but I have long thought that we needed to get pre-teens involved in the movement. At that age, you can really brainwash someone easily. Anyone who accepts Nazism at the age of 10 or 11 is going to be a Nazi for life. And it isn’t hard. It’s just a matter of pulling them in. And what better way to do it than with Pokémon fliers at the Pokémon GO gym???

As depicted in Anglin’s blog, the fliers feature the well-known Pokemon character Pikachu in full Hitler regalia alongside slur-filled screeds about why “we” need to protect the Aryan race from “unintelligent, violent brown people” and “hook-nosed Jews.” “Adolf Hitler was a great man,” a representative passage states. “Just as you want to catch all the Pokemon, he hunted a different type of monster: Jews.” Kinda takes the shine off the phrase “gotta catch ‘em all.”


But while this is all very adorable, nobody has found any proof that these fliers exist anywhere but in this particular blog post, leading many to believe that it’s bullshit.

Via Vocativ:

Vocativ could not find any media or law enforcement reports of neo-Nazis handing out the fliers in any city. Nor could experts who monitor people like Anglin and groups like the alt-right.

“This is another publicity stunt on the part of Anglin to gain media attention,” Marilyn Mayo, a research fellow at the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, told Vocativ. “We have not heard any reports of the flyer being circulated and Anglin doesn’t offer proof that the flyer was actually distributed. He just has a pdf and an image of the flyer on his site.”

Guess the alt-right is too busy harassing female bloggers and getting banned from Twitter from the comfort of their moms’ basements to physically plaster their towns in hate speech.

As for you, Pikachu, you might want to take a long, hard look at who you’ve been associating with lately.


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