You may have noticed that 2016 claimed its latest victim in the early hours of the morning, as Ronda Rousey was sent into a different area code during her return to the octagon.

The former queen of UFC was pummelled into a pile of debris, which forced her to do her best Bambi on ice impression, by Amanda Nunes.


We all know of people being gracious in defeat in the UFC, but being kind in victory is something just as admirable.

After Amanda Nunes knocked Ronda Rousey into 2017 a day early in all but 48 seconds, she was kind of courteous, but rather backhandedly.

She went up to her opponent to tell her that she ‘did a lot for the sport’, which is nice, but then followed it up with a bit of savagery.

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According to MMA Fighting, she said:

“I told her, ‘You did a lot for the sport. You did a lot, but now you can take time and do something else. You don’t need to keep doing that’.”

There’s been a lot of talk about whether this is the final nail in the coffin for Rousey following her 13-month absence after Holly Holm hospitalised her last November at UFC 193.

At Nunes’ post-fight press conference, she said:

“She is a millionaire already why would she want to keep doing that?”, before adding: “Why would she want to keep getting hurt.”

She has a point, but whether Ronda wants to go down another route, or try and retain her pride in the octagon is still unknown.

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