American Airlines Crew Force Woman To Remain Seated Next To Man Who Masturbated Near Her

American Airlines Crew Force Woman To Remain Seated Next To Man Who Masturbated Near Her


Since it’s been a while since an airline shit the bed,  American Airlines had to step in and do this.

A woman named Chloe King was on an American Airlines flight to Paris when the man seated next to her began to masturbate. Oh, and he was doing it all while she slept. Another woman seated in the same row as the perv saw what the man was doing and informed the crew before requesting to move seats. But poor King wasn’t woken up by crew or moved — King was left there while the man continued to do his thing.

Chloe King/Facebook

Once King woke up, airplane crew told her what had just occurred and informed her that police had been notified.

Here’s what King had to say, as she wrote about her experience on Medium.

“What they didn’t do was wake me up and move me to a safe place. What they didn’t do was accommodate my request — after informing me of the assault  —  to sit anywhere else on the plane for landing. Instead, they made me climb back over the sex offender, trapped between him and the window for the rest of the flight. I was shaking and crying and trying not to get sick.’

I do know I’ll never feel completely safe flying again. Disgustingly, I know this is not breaking news: sexual assault is repeatedly forgiven and swept aside in our society. As women, we can’t accept this. American Airlines, you knew what happened was criminal activity, you had the offender arrested,  yet you did nothing to stop the man’s actions or protect my safety in a horrifying situation.

You chose to treat the man committing the crime with far more respect than the unconscious woman sitting beside him. As humans, we deserve more than that.”

King also says that once she landed in Paris she headed straight to the “AA desk to report what had happened and was met with blank stares.” She contacted the AA legal team, and “after weeks with no response, all I received back was a generic email regarding the ‘disappointing service.’”


Here’s what American Airlines had to say:

“We are reviewing how we handled the situation on this flight, and have reached out directly to Ms. King. During the flight, our crew requested that French law enforcement meet the aircraft in Paris.

Upon arrival, French officials interviewed the male passenger regarding the allegations.”

Translation: we are utterly useless.


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keyword “allegations”it would take a master level perv to keep jacking with all the people focused on him,wonder if a ball scratch at the wrong time happened

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