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Ammo Depot Explodes In Ukraine And There Are ROCKETS Flying Around

Ammo Depot Explodes In Ukraine And There Are ROCKETS Flying Around

An ammo depot in Eastern Ukraine has exploded, and 20,000 locals are being evacuated. As you can see from the footage below, there are frickin’ rockets exploding and flying through the air in a town with people living in very close proximity to the ammunition depot.

Ukrainian officials are claiming that the explosions were caused by sabotage. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that if there was sabotage it was likely from the Russians, the people who annexed Crimea.

The actual area that’s exploding is a depot used to several thousands of tons of ammunition used by the Ukrainian military, much of which is former Soviet ammo. In total, the ammo dump spans 350 hectares, or about 865 acres.

These are MASSIVE explosions, and 20,000 locals are being evacuated according to the BBC. This is some truly heavy shit going down for the people living in this eastern Ukrainian town. Imagine waking up to thinking you were being bombed and finding out you’re actually under attack, but it’s all potentially just an accident.

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