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Angry Woman Fired From Taco Bell Starts Destroying Restaurant Taco Hell, Amirite?

Angry Woman Fired From Taco Bell Starts Destroying Restaurant Taco Hell, Amirite?

There are few things more stressful than being fired from your job. The moment you’re given the walking papers, everything starts sinking in — fear, anxiety, nausea, and maybe you’ll even lose control of your bodily functions.

The human body reacts in all kinds of ways. Some go into a deep pit of depression, while others try to stay positive in an effort to finding something new. Then, there’s this woman. After getting fired from Taco Bell, she went into rage mode and took it out on the fast food establishment.


In footage that went viral over the weekend, a former Taco Bell employee wasn’t about to leave her job quietly. On the contrary, she was more about making as much noise as possible.

Warning: You are about to hear some harsh language.


As seen in the Twitter video above, the angry former employee gets a canister of what looks like iced tea and tosses its contents at a man behind the counter. The man, who the police identified as the manager, responded by getting a canister of his own and tossing it back at the woman. She reacted by taking her canister again and tossing it back at him. This practice must be written somewhere in the Taco Bell employee handbook.

From there, the situation escalated and the woman went behind the counter. The manager then started squaring up to the woman as if preparing to fight her. He can be heard in the video telling her son that she’s about to get knocked out. The guy even took off his shirt — kitchens can get hot, I guess?


As the argument continued, someone called the cops and the situation came to an end. The woman was reportedly put in handcuffs and her son was arrested outside.

The names of these people weren’t revealed, and there’s obviously more to the story, but one thing’s for sure: I never thought iced tea canisters could be weaponized like that. Also, put your shirt back on, manager guy.



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