Anllela Sagra And Her New Hot Workout Video Has Instagram Buzzing


We’ve mentioned Anllela Sagra a few times on Mandatory, and frankly we are surprised we haven’t mentioned her more often because the Columbian fitness model and trainer is a gem. The last time we mentioned Sagra was back in February when we assured you that her and her bum would improve your mood — and we’re sure it did. But this time around we have to talk about a new workout clip that is reeling in the views.

The 23-year-old bombshell took it to her Instagram recently to show her 9.1 million followers what she looks like doing a front squad. And honestly all we’re looking at is her goods. Oh, and her bum. Check out the video below thanks to Sagra’s Instagram.

One by @ohrangutang H&M @cristinapilo

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So cold… Wearing my HEKA BRA & THONG: @bodyengineersofficial @bodyengineerswomen

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