Another lawsuit Accuses Michael Jackson Of Running Child Sexual Abuse Ring


The estate of Michael Jackson has been hit with another lawsuit alleging that his businesses were actually sophisticated fronts designed to lure children for the late pop star to sexually abuse. The latest complaint comes from a Jane Doe who accused Jackson of molesting her between 1986 to 1989 when she was 12 to 15. Legal documents obtained by RadarOnline give a graphic account of the molestation the woman says she endured at the hands of Jackson.


Doe alleged that Jackson found her family’s phone number after a chance meeting at his Hayvenhurst estate and began calling her. At the initial meeting, Jackson invited Doe and her mother inside his home to see his “candy area.” She also said that Jackson sent her letters and gifts in order to groom her for sex. TMZ posted a photo of the letters along with images of checks Jackson sent to her to keep her quiet.

From RadarOnline:

According to the complaint, the woman’s interactions with Jackson included a litany of sordid sex acts: “fondling plaintiff sexually on her genitals and body, digitally penetrating Plaintiff, giving Plaintiff what he termed “movie kisses” where he tongue kissed her mouth and body, orally copulated plaintiff, forced plaintiff to orally copulate him, rubbed his clothed and unclothed body against plaintiff’s and rubbed his penis on plaintiff’s vagina, and attempted to fully insert his penis into her vagina, only partially inserting it and causing plaintiff to bleed.”

The court documents also claim that Jackson’s various entertainment companies were designed to “operate as a child sexual abuse operation, specifically designed to locate, attract, lure, and seduce child sexual abuse victims.” Choreographer Wade Robson made the same accusation in his suit against the late pop star’s estate.

Michael Jackson - File Photos By Kevin Mazur

Jackson paid out around $900,000 to keep the girl quiet, with Doe receiving a $600,000 payment in 1993.

Reps for Jackson’s estate dismissed the lawsuit as a “frivolous” claim “without any merit.”

Although Jackson has paid out over $200 million to accusers while he was alive, he was never convicted of any criminal charges related to sexual molestation.