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This Antarctic Pyramid Could Prove The Existence Of Alien Life

This Antarctic Pyramid Could Prove The Existence Of Alien Life


Somewhere out there beyond the Earth, in the great abyss of space, it is thought there is life. This is not simply the ramblings of conspiracists and mad men, but an idea accepted by scholars and scientists alike.

Professor Stephen Hawking is a believer in the existence of extra-terrestrial life. He has previously said: “To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational. The real challenge is to work out what aliens might actually be like.”

But it is not only the question of ‘what might they be like’ – but also where might we find them?

New footage uncovered on YouTube might have provided an answer, with a video appearing to show a four-side structure in Antarctica reminiscent of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Watch the video here…

Credit: YouTube / thirdphaseofmoon

The construction of Egypt’s Giza – built around 2500BC – has baffled experts for centuries. Slave labour has been offered as one explanation for the complex structure, but several theories have also suggested they could only have been built with the help of extra-terrestrial beings.

‘Thirdphaseofmoon’, the YouTuber posting the video online, has suggested that US Secretary of State John Kerry has landed in Antarctica in order to make contact with the aliens, although it remains unclear what evidence he is using to make that assertation.

Many scientists believe the freezing climate in Antarctica was much warmer in the past, which could suggest they were built millions of years ago when the climate there was more temperate. A 2011 study found tiny pollen fossils buried deep beneath the seafloor in the continent, suggesting the last remnants of vegetation in Antarctica vanished about 12 million years ago.

Dr Vanessa Bowman previously told the Daily Star: “Go back 100 million years ago and Antarctica was covered in lush rainforests, similar to those that exist in New Zealand today.”

Another theory for the Antarctic pyramids is that it could be a natural phenomenon known as nunatak, when mountain peaks appear just above large glaciers.

However, if the structures do prove to be man or alien-made, it could change our understanding of history.

3 replies on “This Antarctic Pyramid Could Prove The Existence Of Alien Life”

I there are pyramids down there it’s more likely ancient humans that have long since perished.

But Ancient Aliens says humans didn’t build anything aliens did.

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