Anti-Beyoncé Rallies And 11 Other Real, Insane Facebook Ads From Russian Trolls During The Election

Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee just released a treasure trove of 3,500 ads that appeared on Facebook and were created by the professional Russian trolls indicted by Robert Mueller.

While we know from Don Jr.’s emails that the Russian government worked to support Donald Trump’s candidacy, the main goal of the troll form Internet Research Agency was to simply sow division in American society by any means necessary. The Russkis played both sides of hot-button issues like border patrol, Texit, and Beyoncé. Here are some highlights from the foreign propagandathat so clearly worked!

1. The Russians tried to trick Texas into seceding.

2. They claimed to speak for the black community.

3. Russian trolls even tried to tell black people not to vote.

4. Especially not for Hillary.

5. Their English wasn’t always on point.

6. They often sounded like an old person trying so desperately to seem “woke.”

7. They sponsored ads for both racists and Latinos.

8. Russians hope that dividing Americans into “pro-Beyoncé” and “anti-Beyoncé” camps would start a second civil war.

9. The trolls even claimed to speak for Jesus.

10. They didn’t always use spell check.

11. Russians know how to work cool fonts.

12. They joined Fox News in calling Obama a Muslim traitor. Nice!

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