Anyone Want To Shoot Some Hoops With Jem Wolfie?

Anyone Want To Shoot Some Hoops With Jem Wolfie?


I’m sure if we were in a room and that question was posed plenty of hands will shoot up in the air. And why’s that? Well…

That’s why.

Jem Wolfie is a 25-year-old Australian personal trainer and founder of chef of the meal prep business, Good Eats. Oh, and she’s also a huge fan of basketball as you will tell very quickly by her smoking hot photos. Wolfie currently has over 260k followers on Instagram — who all follow her to see what meal she is cooking up next. OK, they only follow her because she’s extremely nice to look at. How nice? Well, you go ahead and see for yourself.

Here are some of the best photos from Wolfie’s Instagram.

I suddenly am into basketball.

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