Apparently Instagram Didn’t Have Enough Rich D-Bags Already… Meet Tony Toutouni

The new king of Instagram? Tony Toutouni has amassed a huge following on the photo-sharing website thanks to his outrageous extravaganceMove over, Dan Bilzerian… There’s a new self-proclaimed “King of Instagram.” And he’s also an over-the-top, super wealthy jerk.

Tony toutouni instagram richMeet Tony Toutouni. The billionaire businessman has amassed nearly one million followers in less than a year using the handle “@lunatic_living” — and we must say, that’s a pretty accurate way to describe him…

Tony Toutouni

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

“What man in this world can’t say this isn’t the lifestyle they want to live? It’s a lifestyle that every man wants to live and I enjoy living it,” the 42-year-old says of his extravagant existence, which includes spending a lot of money on, and time with, beautiful women.

“As a single guy, I dated many, many women. Being young in LA and having anything you want, it’s not that hard to get any girl you want.”

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

He says he doesn’t mean to compete with Bilzerian — explaining the two are actually buddies. In fact, the controversial playboy’s large Instagram following inspired Toutouni to get in on the action.

Wild debauchery: One photo uploaded by the billionaire shows scantily-clad women at a party with cash scattered across the floor

“… Dan is actually a friend of mine and the whole Instagram thing started because he was posting on it. I saw that his Instagram following was growing pretty fast so I started doing it,” he tells ‘The Mirror.’

Tony with his friend Dan Bilzerian. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Tony’s wealth began to grow at the age of 19 when he bought a Hollywood nightclub.

Surrounded by women: The billionaire businessman appears to spend much of his excessive life in the company of stunning women 

Since then, he’s invested in another club, as well as a car dealership and other ventures such as restaurants and bars that he’s flipped for a profit.

Tony Toutouni

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

While he’s currently exclusively dating one woman, Tony’s loyal followers shouldn’t expect his extravagant way of life to slow down as a result.

“I like to do all kinds of things,” he says. “I’ve paid for boob jobs and given away truckloads of gifts for kids. I like to do funny stuff for fans.”

And in case all this isn’t ridiculous enough, he claims he’s insured his signature middle finger for $7 million…

(Photo Credit: Instagram)



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