The Center for Disease Control study has noted a staunch decline in sex and drug use among the youth. In addition to a marked dip in kids doing recreational drugs, drinking, and smoking, kids were also found to be watching less TV and fighting less than when the CDC started collecting such data in 1991.

According to Washington Post, a recent study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior  corroborates the CDC’s findings when it comes to young people and sex, or the lack thereof. It turns out that younger millennials, meaning those born in ’90s, are over twice as likely to be sexually inactive than members of Generation X. This seems to refute the Vanity Fair article on Tinder that painted a picture of millennials forgoing steady relationships in favor of frequent casual sex facilitated by dating apps. But weren’t these apps designed to make sex more available and accessible? What the fuck is going on? Or more importantly, why is fucking not going on?

The study authors have theorized that the time millennials are spending online is cutting into the time they could be using to get laid. The prevalence of video games, binging shows on streaming services like Netflix, and just generally picking around on the internet could be providing millennials with a way to spend time that is arguably equally as thrilling as doing it.


Plus, there’s the fact that it’s way easier to click on Pornhub than actually go on a date.

“Access to pornography may be able to relieve sex drive,” study co-author and Florida Atlantic University professor Ryne Sherman told the Guardian.

Other experts have blamed anxiety over date rape, the increasing time spent socializing on the internet rather than face to face, the pressure to succeed professionally, and unrealistic expectations built up when people misrepresent themselves or their appearances on dating apps. There’s also the fact that more young people are living with their parents out of financial necessity, which can definitely cramp one’s style.

So, what do the actual kids have to say for themselves? Noah Patterson, 18, of Bellingham, Washington told Washington Post that he’d rather “be watching YouTube videos and making money”.

Like many young people, Patterson is motivated by craven ambition. According to Patterson, sexual history is “not going to be something people ask you for on your résumé.”

Damn, dude, isn’t one the reasons people want to be successful is so that they can have more sex? Way to obliterate this idea that millennials are living a carnal fuck spree that just consists of endless casual hookups and “u up” texts.

For other kids, the mystique is gone from casual sex and millennials would rather take it slow and be cautious in their relationship to avoid getting hurt. It makes sense.

In any case, the trend could easily shift. Perhaps one day millennials will wake up and realize that they have the rest of their lives to start acting more repressed and straight-laced than their parents. Or perhaps the brutal truth is that Generation X and Baby Boomers succeeded in making sex look uncool.

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