Applications Are Now Open For ‘Love Island’ 2018 – Do You Have What It Takes?

Applications Are Now Open For ‘Love Island’ 2018 – Do You Have What It Takes?

When Love Island came to an end this year, plenty of people had a huge void in their hearts as they didn’t know how to fill that one-hour slot every night. The country, weirdly, seemed to be obsessed with watching people banged up in villa in Spain for months.

Group chats were no longer flooded with speculation about Gabby and Marcel’s relationship or moans about Chris and Olivia fighting (again). People had to move on and get obsessed with something else while contestants went on to the glamour of nightclub appearances from Dover to Oldham.

But if you watched this year’s season and thought, ‘Pfft I would absolutely smash that show’, well, now is your chance. Applications are officially open for the ITV reality dating show and will stay that way until April.

Imagine getting to spend up to 10 weeks in a Spanish villa, trying your best lines that fail in Tiger Tiger, while the rest of the UK cringes and watches you attempt to have sex with someone.

However, bosses at the show don’t take just anyone, you’ve got to be ‘special’.

Casting producer Lewis Evans told Cosmopolitan having a good social media account is key: “It’s always quite easy to gauge on there people who are popular, aren’t afraid to show themselves off and have a big following. We also attend events and hold street castings for prospective Islanders. The key is that they are over 18, single and looking for love.”

Many people will be making a New Year’s resolution to ‘find love’ in 2018 and what better place than with dozens of cameras and orchestrated games designed to potentially split you and your Island mate (z-lister) up?

But filling out an application form and having a few thousand followers isn’t the only aspects of the casting process. Once you make it over that hurdle, you go through a bunch of interviews so that you can show off your ‘interesting and engaging’ personality, according to Lewis.

Contestant Montana shared her tips in September of how to get onto the hit TV show, saying: “Dress up glam, ladies and gentlemen.

“Get your winged eyeliner on point (what if you’r a bloke?) because you will be on camera and they’ll be showing the execs so it’s best to look your best on that special day.

“Remember some really funny stories when you went out with your girlfriends, tell them that story. Don’t just say ‘Oh I’m really fun’. Yeah, but why are you fun? Like what makes you fun, what makes you different?”

The Tab reported shortly after this year’s season came to a close that 80,000 people applied for Love Island 2017. That’s a shitload of people looking for stardom love, and is five times more people than the number who applied for Cambridge University.

So it’s no easy feat to get onto the show.

But while finding a soulmate or getting a cheeky £50,000 ($67.5K) cash prize if you win isn’t a decent enough enticement then the possibility of endorsement deals certainly would be.

This year’s bromance of Kem and Chris teamed up to release a single ‘Little Bit Leave It’, while Montana was predicted to earn nearly £2 million from various deals with swimwear modelling and fragrances.

So what are you waiting for? Once you’ve stopped considering the meaning of being a human being, get your application filled out.

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