Are You Secretly Evil?

Is that hatred or heartburn boiling up from within? Come test your subconscious to find out!

2 replies on “Are You Secretly Evil?”

1: 2 dogs kissing with a saliva string
2: Dolphin
3: Halloween
4: Love it
5: Vader
6: Both (mostly sex fantasies involving coworkers)
7: Action
8: Joker
9: Night
10: 3

“A Black-Hearted Demon!

Eeeeeeeevil Demon – COME OUT! Areth thou possesed? Ist thou being forced against thy will by thine most evil of creatures – thy House Cat!? – Whatever your plight, your subconscious is bubbling with voodoo and all sorts of dark mojo, baby! You are your own master and no one’s fool – a kickin’ @$$ and takin’ names S.O.B whose not afraid to take what they want, no matter what the cost! And the demon wings and glowing red eyes are a total plus as well, yah? We thought so.”

“Ahhhh yes, the gray one. You inhabit that fantastical zone between good and bad – An ever changing individual whose alliances are formed where it shall benefit them most. Selfish? Perhaps, but if life teaches us one thing its that you have to look out for number one – And you most certainly do! We’re not calling you evil by any means, but you have the capability to be whatever you need yourself to be – a fantastically useful, yet dangerous, individual. Watch out World!”
Close enough…

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