Artist Arrested For Taking Nude Pictures With Tourists At Eiffel Tower

Swiss performance artist Milo Moiré is probably best know for her riveting display of pushing multi-colored eggs out of her vagina while naked. In fact, a lot of the 31-year-old artist’s performances revolve around her nudity. Here she is seen touring a museum nude while holding a naked baby.

The artist caused another stir earlier this year by walking around a museum starkers while carrying a baby


On Sunday evening, Moiré was deeply entrenched in her latest performance art piece where she was posing for selfies with tourist’s at the Eiffel tower, except she did so without the burden of clothing, as is her wont.

As you can see from the pic, some of the tourists were pretty stoked to be invited to take a picture with the nude artist.

Nude: Police told Milo Moiré to put her clothes back on and she spent the night in prison in Paris, France

Unfortunately, France isn’t as sexually liberated as we like to imagine it is, and Moiré was arrested and booked into a Parisian jail for the night.According to The Telegraph, the fine for exposing your genitals in public comes to about $16,500.Milo Moiré is due to appear before a judge so it can be decided whether charges will be brought after the incident

“She was taken into custody, had her rights read to her, fingerprints taken, photographed and detained in a cell.” said her manager and witness to the arrest, Peter Palm, via The Telegraph.

It looks like she got off with a warning and avoided charges, as the French tend to be more lenient with their indecent exposure laws when it comes to artistic expression. They are apparently a little bit more uptight than Germany and Switzerland, where the artist performed nude public works without incident.


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It’s soon to be illegal to be photographed with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

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