Ashley Madison Was Developing A Creepy ‘What’s Your Wife Worth?’ App

The Ashley Madison hack has had some devastating consequences for users of the site, including high-profile users like former Family Research Council executive director Josh Duggar.

Along with releasing the names of people who had signed up to find extramarital affairs, and the revelation that the site’s membership was overwhelmingly comprised of men, the emails of Noel Biderman, the CEO of the site’s parent company Avid Life Media, were leaked to then public.

Among the leaked emails was the revelation that ALM was developing a gross app that allowed Ashley Madison members to rank each other’s wives called “What’s Your Wife Worth?” Based on mockups unearthed in the hack, the app planned on attaching dollar amounts to pictures of each wife in a game that resembles apps where users rate men and women based on their attractiveness. It’s not bad enough that users were signing up for the site in order to step out on their wives, but now the wives had the added humiliation of being ranked by whether other users wanted to fuck them. Not to mention the creepy implication that the woman are merchandise accompanied with a price tag. Awesome.

“Choice should be ‘post your wife’ and ‘bid on someone’s wife,’” Biderman wrote in a 2013 email discovered by the Daily Dot. “I am not sure we should be asking for real names—rather usernames.”

Thankfully, the app never launched, despite the fact that Biderman reportedly replied “this is very good” when presented with mockups. In a 2014 email, a colleague told Biderman that the app was “horribly developed” when he checked in for a status update.

what's your wife worth

Thankfully, that horrible development saved some women some extra humiliation. Well, in addition to the humiliation of their partners being outed as cheaters.

Ashley Madison Was Developing A Creepy ‘What’s Your Wife Worth?’ App


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