At 2:30am, She Saw A Bear Dragging Away Her 5-Year-Old

At 2:30am, She Saw A Bear Dragging Away Her 5-Year-Old

A 5-year-old girl in Colorado was seriously injured after going outside in the middle of the night to investigate noises she thought were coming from her dog and being attacked by a bear. Kimberly Cyr’s father tells NBC 11 that the Grand Junction girl will be “fine” after the attack at around 2:30am Sunday. Her mother says that after she heard screaming, she went outside to see a black bear dragging the girl away. The mother says the bear dropped her daughter after she started screaming at it. Kimberly, whose condition was upgraded from serious to fair Sunday afternoon, needed 77 stitches but suffered no life-threatening injuries, a pediatric surgeon at St. Mary’s Medical Center tells Q13 Fox.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife public information officer Rebecca Ferrell tells ABC that traps have been set for the bear. She says that if it is captured, it will be euthanized and a necropsy will be carried out to determine what happened. Ferrell says Kimberly may have startled the bear, since the animals are “not expecting people to be up and about” at that time of night. Ferrell says bear encounters in Colorado are unusual, but anyone who does encounter one should stay calm and make it aware that there are people near it. “Do not ever run from a bear, don’t try and climb a tree, because a bear can do both of those things much faster than we can,” she says.


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