10 Attractive Women Who Could Probably Kick Your Ass – And You’d Want Them To

Some men have a strange fascination with strong, Amazonian women. It probably dates back to middle school when they lost a wrestling match to a 9th grade girl and discovered they liked it… So, Here is a short list of hot ladies who can bully you anytime they like… because you like

1) Gina Carano

Gina is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter with a 7-1 lifetime record. This girl is gorgeous, and like so many attractive athletes, her performance has regressed with all of the extra attention. Call it the Kournikova-Beckham syndrome, Gina has only fought once in a year (a loss) and she has not been able to make weight. Oh well, we really don’t want her to get punched in the face anymore anyway; I think it’s high time we see her in a movie alongside Jason Statham.


2) Beyonce

I’m not really sure if she is in fact sexy or not. One minute men are attracted, the next minute they’re scared. Do you recall that 007 movie where the femme fatale kills spies by crushing them between her thighs? I bet Beyonce can do that. She confuses most man parts.


3) Serena Williams

She is the best tennis player in the world, and the meanest woman in sports. She has amazing legs and is not afraid to show them off with some of the most controversial outfits in the game. When you watch her matches, make sure the TV is on mute…her grunting gets a little intense and is a bit of a turn-off.


4) Ke$ha

I’m not sure if she can beat men up or not, but she seems like the type of girl who would sure as hell try. Anyone who brushes their teeth with a bottle of Jack seems like they would be fun for a couple of hours, however most of the night would probably be spent trying to find their purse and coaxing her out of the bushes. I’m starting to notice a trend of pop stars with only one name being scary divas…thanks for setting the trend Cher.


5) Laila Ali

Muhammad Ali’s daughter is a model, mother, and undefeated professional boxer. You have to give her father a little bit of credit as well, granted he may be the best coach someone can have, however he must have been a bit conflicted trying to teach his own daughter how to throw a right cross. Laila recently retired from boxing after she married NFL wide-receiver Curtis Conway, who fathered two of her children. Something tells me those kids are already a lock to be first round draft picks.


6) Michelle Obama

Regardless of your political viewpoints, you have to admire any first lady who can dominate you in an arm-wrestling match. Those arms…just look at those arms! I tried to rack my brain and think of another First Lady who could stand a chance against Michelle, and I realized, heck, most Presidents couldn’t hang with her. Maybe Lincoln or Garfield, or McKinley….McKinley was no joke.


7) Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle has been in various chick flicks such as Girlfight, Resident Evil, Machete, S.W.A.T., and The Fast and the Furious. Although small in stature, 5’5, she has done more combat training for roles than most have done in their entire life. That dead-eyed gaze of hers can intimidate and hypnotize. Smile Michelle, you are beautiful!


8) Pink

Surprise! Another tough pop star with only one name makes the list. You know anybody who gets their name from a ‘Reservoir Dogs’ character and proposes to their future husband at the X-games is hardcore, yet she is a classically trained musician and proponent of animal rights. How mysterious you are my dear! And that sultry, gravel-ish voice drives the boys crazy.


9) Chyna

Dearest Chyna, if a man just spent a day with you, they could take you out to dinner, maybe you could give them a piggy-back ride, you could go out for ice cream and then maybe you could get them in a sleeper hold.


10) JWoww

JWoww’s situation is unique because unlike most of the women on this list, I know for a fact this girl can beat people up. We have all seen Jersey Shore and we know the damage that she can inflict. Don’t interfere with her GTL unless you are ready for war.

Bonus to make up for Chyna…

Ronda Rousey

No doubt about it, she could kick your ass. And this UFC -MMA champion will do it… if you pay her.



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Ronda Rousey is proper kick ass, Chyna is a OAP now, Beyonce and the rest of the pop stars – faff, nay sure on the rest not heard of em,apart from Mrs Obarmy which Im sure she is a nice lady – her husband is the one you need to watch!

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