Aussie Man Live Streams A PPV Fight, Pisses Off Foxtel

An Australian guy who live streamed a pay-per-view fight to over 100,000 people has become a social media hero.

Darren Sharpe paid Foxtel to watch the Danny Green v Anthony Mundine fight, but after forking out $59.95, Darren decided to do his Facebook pals a favour and started live streaming it via the social media site.

And he quickly racked up a lot of views. While the stream is going on Darren’s phone begins to ring and it’s the guy from Foxtel telling him to stop streaming it, because it’s a breach of copyright. But does he give a fuck? Absolutely not.

When he’s told to take it down his main concern is the ‘78,000 viewers who aren’t gonna be happy’. In fact, he ends up with 150,000 viewers at one point and tells the man from Foxtel, ‘I don’t think I can stop streaming’ like it’s some sort of addiction.

Foxtel eventually cut Darren’s live feed and several others who were doing the same thing, needless to say they’re not happy.

CEO of Foxtel Peter Tonagh told “Foxtel spends over $900 million each year on the production of local content including live sports.

“This investment is only possible when the rights to that content can be protected. Without copyright protection, many of these events and productions would not exist and the thousands of people employed in their creation would not have jobs.

“The incident with Facebook last night is not just theft. It is a threat to the future viability of live events such as boxing and to the sustainability of the content industry generally.”

There’s now GoFundMe to help Darren with any legal costs should Foxtel try to take it any further.

Australian heroes

I mean, if you want to talk real Aussie heroes you need to think back to this fella:

Daniel McConnell, who is definitely the most Australian man ever, became famous for crime-fighting in his underpants last year after he apprehended a man who trying to flee the scene of a crime.

He told TODAY: “I come outside in me jocks, and I seen old mate, and I said, ‘oi, what are you doing here, mate? You gotta wait here,’ and he’s like, ‘nah, nah, I fell asleep behind the wheel.

“He’s just started taking off, so I’ve run inside, jumped in me little purple car, and started chasing him up the street.

“He went down a side street, and I told the coppers he went down a side street, and they went and got him. I was just chasing him in me jocks.”

Then, of course, there’s James Lord, who really is a true hero of our time.

James was contacted by Hamish from Australia’s Hamish &Andy Show, who pretended to be a man called Tim Barnard, who needed a favour.

He asks James if he will pretend that he knows him and be a referee for him for an accounting job, instead of telling him to fuck off, James goes above and beyond to get ‘Tim’ that job.

He later told an Australian news channel: ‘I didn’t catch on at all. All I thought was, I just want to help this bloke out’. He was declared the ‘best bloke in Australia’ shortly afterwards, but he’s got some tough competition, hasn’t he?

Never change, Australia.


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