You guys already know where I stand on festivals. Sh*t gets wild, people get dirty, and we post the best pictures and videos.

Stereosonic is a festival that takes place in Australia. Thousands flocked to the event in Sydney and Perth.

It seems like the perfect festival to go to if you want to see some titties.

I guess its a requirement to drink wine from a bag with your boobies out. I love it.

Over 48,000 people were at Olympic Park in Sydney on Saturday to see their favorite doof doof artists.

Stats have started to come in over Sunday and Monday as to how many people went too hard on shitty drugs this year.

120 people have been treated for drug-related illnesses. 69 people were charged with drug supply and possession.


A woman has bragged about smuggling 100 ecstasy pills past security at the Perth Stereosonic music festival on Sunday, one day after a 25-year-old woman died of a suspected drug overdose at the same event in Sydney. In a Facebook post that has since been removed, festival-goer Chelsea told event organisers she was “legit so grateful” for the security oversight. The festival will continue this weekend in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Shout out to Stereosonic Exposed for the hilarious updates.


There has been one confirmed casualty. A woman, has died after taking a lethal concoction of party drugs. Some how this guy made it:

None the less, most people continued to party like animals unaware of the death.


Drunks are crazy, they will make you feel like you can do anything… Take this guy for an example:

Sick pic, but as you could guess this did not end well….


Australia Hosts ‘Stereosonic’ – One Of The World’s Wildest Festivals with Lots of Topless Woman

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