Australian Burger Place Promises Free Burgers For Life If You Get A Burger Tattoo



If you attempted to grill a burger and completely failed like this girl, perhaps it’s time you let someone else do the grilling. You know, for life.

Cafe 51, a burger restaurant in Melbourne is promising to give a free burger every day for the rest of your life. And the only thing you have to do is get a tattoo of that burger somewhere on your beautiful canvas.

But, according to the restaurant’s website, there are a few rules: The tattoo of the burger must be life-size, it has to be located somewhere that’s easy to show to the restaurant’s staff, and it must include the brand’s logo somewhere in the image.

Here is an example of such a tattoo that got this person free burgers for life:


Apparently Cafe 51 has already received over 3,000 applicants with burger tattoos, so that sure is a lot of free burgers.

Heart attacks for everyone!


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