Australian Man Organizes Robbery Of His Own House In Effort To Break Up With His Girlfriend

They say that the three most common ways of breaking up with somebody are text messages, flowers and a note and paying a guy to rob your house.

Wait, what?

According to The Observer, a Gladstone man recently went on vacation with his girlfriend, but while they were out of town visiting family, he paid an unknown man $200 to break in to his house and steal all of his girlfriend’s shit.

The reason for doing so? You guessed it – so “there would be no trace of her at his home, making the break-up easier.”

Michael Dennis Boulton and his now ex-girlfriend were on vacation from August 26 through September 6. When they returned home, all of her belongings, which apparently included “her passport, certificate of citizenship, clothes, a laptop and charger, jewelry and more,” were gone.

Police were called, but when they arrived at the house, Boulton quickly admitted that it was his idea and that he did it all just to get her “out of his life.” He pleaded guilty to stealing and was ordered to pay $866 worth of damages to his ex. The judge told him what he did was nothing short of “disturbing,” but he stopped short of calling him a fucking idiot.

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