Austrian Company Offers Hunting Trips That Climax With ‘Happy Endings’

It’s a happy ending for everyone but the deer.

An Austrian website has angered critics by advertising hunting trips that culminate in a private hunting lodge rendezvous with a “lovely companion.”

Now the company seems to have removed its website, though some media outlets managed to snag promotional photos beforehand, which feature images of nude women relaxing in alpine settings.

The marketing materials promise quite the experience to those rustic romantics who feel like having sex with a stranger right after killing something, saying:

Happy is the hunter who returns from the hunt to his cabin, when he knows a lovely companion is there waiting for him.


After the eventful mountain hunt : A cozy night – for two – or even three, in the remote cabin. Everything is possible!

The company promised “absolute discretion” to guests on its hunt-and-hump weekend getaways.

The curious thing is that, since both hunting and prostitution are legal in Austria, while prudes may object there shouldn’t really be an issue here, provided everyone involved is consenting to this bucolic fantasy scenario.

So why delete the site just when it was starting to get media attention?

There may be something else going on here, something that would explain the site’s sudden disappearance and euphemistic marketing language.

There are few records of the now-deleted hunting website, but one review site describes the company’s hunting trips as taking the hunters to Romania. If that applies to both regular hunting trips and to these highly specialized sex vacations – which were advertised as being in Austria – that might be the rub. While prostitution is legal and regulated in Austria, it’s illegal in Romania. Any rendezvous with “lovely companions” that occurred beyond Austria’s borders maybe have violated the law, and the sudden media attention may have made the site’s proprietors sweat.

This is, of course, mere speculation, but the veiled language and the review site’s description of how clients would be met at the Romanian border and transported around “with jeeps, limousines, minibuses and in special cases with helicopters or plains [sic]” all sound sketchy as hell. There could be some darker shit going on involving sex-trafficking or who-knows-what-else beneath the surface of those flirtatious pamphlets. It’s hard to say.



Austrian Company Offers Hunting Trips That Climax With ‘Happy Endings’

One reply on “Austrian Company Offers Hunting Trips That Climax With ‘Happy Endings’”

I gave up traditional hunting after my teens. The times I spent hunting were great. I just lost the fascination with it when I realised you could own a gun for no other reason than wanting to have a gun for personal protection and that the local Walmart carried all the fresh meat I could eat.

Now that I am older though, I may want to take up hunting again and be closer to nature. Also traveling may be on the books as well. Like traveling to … let’s say Austria?

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