B.C. Woman Captures Racist Rant Against Her On Viral Video

A video of a racist rant posted on Facebook is going viral just a day after the alleged incident took place.

Burnaby, B.C. resident Anika Vassell says she had just gotten into her car on Broadway and Ontario streets when a woman tapped on her window.

When the 24-year-old rolled down her window, Vassell says the woman asked where she was from. When Vassell answered “Vancouver,” having been born and raised in the city, she says the woman asked again.

Vassell then told her she was of Jamaican and South African descent to which the woman allegedly said: “And you’re that black?”

“At first I was angry, and I was about to drive away and she kept talking, like she wasn’t done,” said Vassell.

That’s when she decided to record the encounter.

“Because when I see you, I see that you are black and I see that you are not white, so you are not like the rest of us,” the woman is seen saying in the video. “God help us, maybe we will hold a majority.”

“If this is happening to me just based on the colour of my skin, then it can happen to anybody,” said Vassell.

“I didn’t do anything to this woman but she just saw my appearance and needed to tell me that I don’t belong.”

She says people should be aware that racism can occur anywhere, even in bigger cities like Vancouver. She’s hoping the video will show others how their words can affect people.

“As much as I would like to pretend that I am strong and that these comments don’t affect me, they do and I’m sad,” Vassell wrote in her post.

The video ends with the woman telling Vassell to go back to her “home country.”

As of Friday afternoon, the video had been viewed more than 45,000 times.

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