‘Baaaabe, It’s For Charity!’ — Proceeds From Lap Dances At WV Strip Club Will Help Fund Flood Relief

‘Baaaabe, It’s For Charity!’ — Proceeds From Lap Dances At WV Strip Club Will Help Fund Flood Relief


Last month West Virginia was completely devastated by flooding and left with over $570 million in damage. 23 people lost their lives in those floods, and as the state begins the long and arduous process of rebuilding itself the citizens of West Virginia are coming up with innovative ways to spur the local charity efforts, most notably a strip club in Morgantown is offering charitable lap dances. And for what it’s worth, the strip club offering this promotion is a full nude club…


The Associated Press reports:

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) — Lap dances at a West Virginia strip club will help pay for flood relief.
The Blue Parrot Cabaret club in Morgantown is offering the lap dances for charity from Wednesday through Saturday. The club plans to donate portions of the proceeds for flood relief efforts in hard-hit southern West Virginia.
The lap dances cost $20 per song, with payments accepted by cash or credit card. Club co-owner John Baron said in a telephone interview Tuesday the club hasn’t determined yet which charity will get the money.
Baron said reaction to the promotion so far has been positive. The club also will accept donations from anyone who doesn’t want the lap dance.
“These are the people of our state. We want to help them,” Baron said. “We feel that the people down in the southern part of the state need all the help they can get.”
In the past the club has conducted holiday food and toy collections for local charities.
“There are probably a lot of people in the state who may not necessarily like what we do, but at the end of the day, we are all West Virginians,” Baron said. “And we’re going to help everyone we can.”


Seriously, I want to know if these charitable lap dances are going to be tax deductible. What if someone wants to come in and drop $1,000 in a night on dances at $20/pop, they should be able to write that off if the money is actually going towards charity, right? And there’s nothing more fun than writing something off that’s taboo. I know this is slightly different than a charitable donation but A few years ago I went to Boulder/Denver for the High Times Cannabis Cup for the first 4/20 during which marijuana was legalized recreationally, and when I got back to the office I was able to expense the weed from the trip because it was part of my article: The State Of Marijuana — A 4/20 Experience In Colorado. That was easily the most fun expense report I’ve ever submitted, and I think it’d be quite fun to write off lap dances as a charitable donation and see how Johnny Law reacts.


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Charitable donations are deductible but payments for a commercial service that then makes charitable donations might not be. For example, if Cat did it for you, you could claim but if ZBD’s mother did it you couldn’t. YMMV, I’m not a tax lawyer.

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