Baby ‘Gets Tattoo’ As Family Hold It Down In Viral Video


A video has surfaced showing a baby getting a tattoo, with surrounding adults holding the child down.

The video, which is believed to have been filmed in Vietnam, shows the baby wriggling as the tattoo is etched into its skin.

Although the baby cannot be heard crying in the video, it does try to escape as the needle buzzes onto its skin,

The video was posted online with the caption, ‘Baby gets some ink’ which has left some viewers shocked, but others aren’t sure of its authenticity.

One commenter posted:

Grown men cry when they get a chest tattoo and this little child doesn’t react at all. Fake as hell.

Another wrote:

There’s a chance this is fake unless the baby is sedated.

The child is clearly being held down while the tattoo is inked into the chest as the needle buzzes and a cartoon character emerges.



The video has gone viral on Facebook, with many people calling for the baby’s family to be arrested.

One user wrote:

The only people who could do this are animals – they are luckily the doesn’t give any details about their address.

I hope the police are informed.

Vietnam is in the midst of an attitude change towards tattoos.

Once thought of as ‘bad’ and ‘evil’, the growing middle class and younger generations are eschewing the negative associations of the body modification.

Ta Cham Anh, an organiser of Hanoi Ink Fest, told Channel NewsAsia that tattoos used to be associated with prostitutes, gangsters, and criminals.

There is a steadily increasing number of studios which are popping up across the country, and despite a lack of official data, there are speculations that there is about 800 tattoo studios in northern Vietnam alone.

Despite the growing popularity of the practice, there is little-to-no regulation of the industry, and there is no minimum age of consent to get a tattoo, and no licenses required to become a practitioner.

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