Babysitters Share The Most Inappropriate Things Parents Have Ever Asked Them To Do



When you’re a babysitter, you are privy to the inner workings of another family’s life. Most times those differences can just be chalked up to different parenting styles, but some parents treat their babysitters like unpaid servants, therapists, and even sometimes as sexual options.

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Here are seven of the worst cases of parents making completely inappropriate requests as shared by former babysitters.

1. Amorette Dye shared the most common inappropriate request we saw: corporal punishment.

I would say the MOST inappropriate thing I was asked to do was hit the children. It was never, ever, ever going to happen, but I knew in the first, like, minute and a half of that job that I’d never be back.

2. Gigi J Wolf was a 13-year-old who narrowly avoided becoming part of a husband’s babysitter fantasy.

I’d been babysitting a small child and the hubby came home before his wife did. He sat down on the couch next to me, but didn’t send me home like he should have.

After a short time, he LAY down, and put his head in my lap. I was flabbergasted. Was a man supposed to do this? Was this something they’d neglected to teach me in Home Ec?

He talked on, not doing anything weirder than that, and I sat there, in a most dire state of mind.

My knees and legs started shaking. I didn’t know what to do with my hands, I didn’t know what to say, or where to look. We didn’t have the television shows kids see today, so my knowledge of sex in any city was severely limited.

I’m pretty sure I told him I was uncomfortable, his wife came home not long after, and I got up and went home. I’m fairly sure my mom made sure I had proper undergarments after that.

And I’m glad I wasn’t asked to fulfill anyone’s adult fantasies of being diapered.

3. Jay Best was a rare male babysitter who has a tale of extreme ’80s irresponsibility.

Look after a baby (nappies, bottle fed etc), for an entire night, and without pay, at the age of 8 years old. 🙂

I did a bit of baby sitting, and had asked to look after a baby, so I rode my bike about 15km to get to their place, the kid was a lot younger than I had been used to looking after, and she showed me how to change the nappies etc.

Then she left, didn’t really say when she was back, so I fell asleep on the couch, woke up a few times and checked on the baby.

It was the 80s so no mobile phones and I just sort of assumed this is what I was supposed to do.

She turned up about 8am the next morning, thanked me for the babysitting and I sort of waited awkwardly till I realised I wasn’t getting paid, so rode back home.

In retrospect, that is some next level irresponsibility, even by 80s standards.

I also still don’t get how she thought that it wouldn’t be paid…

4. This art school freshman who has chosen to remain anonymous worked for a rich French couple who were a little too French.

It started off with little things… In order to explain to me how to mix the milk in the baby bottle, the mom said “well, there are two ways, you can either have it roll in your hands, or give it a hand job *mimic an actual sexual act*”

In the kitchen, they had those nice glass containers on the counter where they stored all sorts of dry food. One night, asking the parents what they wanted me to make for dinner, the father pointed a container filled penis-shaped pastas. He added “but don’t let them cook too long, they tend to get…too soft *wink*”

And the last thing, is the funniest.

I was babysitting late for them one night. Before they left for their evening, as the parents were busy taking care of the baby, they asked me if I would mind playing a board game with their oldest son (9 years old) in the living room to keep him busy. I said alright, and we settled in that giant upper class living room to play UNO. The apartment was always extremely tidy, on the table was nothing but a piece of paper. With a shopping list that read :

“things to do today :

-buy diapers

-buy eggs

-call babysitter

lil’ blowjob to hubby

I sloooooooowly moved a crayon to cover the last line, worried that the kid playing cards with me would notice what it said. And I had an internal laugh 🙂

5. 12-year-old Rose Coyle was forced to managed the parents’ awkward domestic disputes.

In the late 60s, when I was 12 and beyond, I sat for someone down the street who was referred to as the ‘divorcee.’ That was uncommon in our town in the midwest and in most places in America for that matter. She told me each time that if her ex-husband showed up to the house that I was never ever supposed to let him in no matter how much he pounded on the door. “What?…”

6. Kelleth Ramir was put on bathroom duty with some overly-close pre-teen siblings.

The younger of the two is 9 years old, and we shall call her Bailey. The elder is 11, and will be called Justin. Bailey and Justin’s parents are excellent people, but still struggle to help their kids develop and become more mature. I can tell because they legitimately asked me to make sure I separated them while they got ready for bed because otherwise, they’d strip totally naked in front of each other, and use the bathroom in front of each other (to add to it, they never closed the door, flushed, or washed their hands). I mean, shouldn’t privacy already be a natural need for them by now? Wouldn’t brother-sister relationships be less intimate and overt?

So as I watched Bailey start taking off her clothes – in the open living room while Justin and I were still in it – Justin thought it was a good idea to start taking off his clothes too. You wouldn’t understand how gross it felt to me to have to physically force two half-naked children into separate rooms while they were not cooperating. And after they returned from their nightly routines, they were angry at me because I had interrupted their supposed normalcy.

7. And finally, the weirdest and worst request happened to Kimber McLaughlin, who was instructed to treat an adopted child as a less-than.

The children were two five year olds within a few months age of each other. One was adopted.

The parents told me that their biological son, X, was allowed to play Grand Theft Auto in his bedroom for as long as he wanted (well into the night) and that they had a stash of candy for just him and there were no restrictions. Yes, he was a brat.

But then the parents told me about the other 5-year-old, Y, who they adopted a few months prior. They actually told me “he’s not allowed to leave the living room, because he’s adopted”

And that was their only reasoning. Their only explanation.

Because he’s adopted.

Y had to stay in the living room and just watch TV while X, the biological son of his new parents, played video games in his own bedroom.

It was shocking and to this day I can’t fathom or understand those people’s reasoning…

Also, I can’t imagine what else he was denied or how else his treatment was altered just because he was adopted.

It’s crazy what some parents will let babysitters know about their families, but if you care about your kids, the least you could do is be totally normal and nice to your babysitters before you leave them alone with your children.

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