Bad News For Anti-Vaxxers – Good News For Kids Who Like Being Alive

Despite the efforts of parents across the state of California who read some pretty convincing articles on the internet pointing to a purported vast conspiracy involving the CDC and Big Pharma teaming up to create a universal database of every citizen’s DNA while simultaneously giving them autism or something, a bill was approved Thursday that will require all schoolchildren to receive vaccinations.

Yes, it seems like the fight for the right to give your kids and your kids’ classmates horrible diseases that science has or has nearly eliminated may be over. Under SB277, parents will be unable to cite personal or religious reasons for denying their children immunization against deadly illnesses if they want to keep their them in school. Any child who has not received vaccinations for anything other than legitimate medical reasons would be pulled out of classes.

And there are legitimate medical reasons to not receive vaccines, but they’re not because children “get the shot… go to sleep and three months later their brain is gone” as the shittiest Kennedy says. No, children with illnesses like leukemia, who undergo chemotherapy that severely weakens their immune systems, cannot receive vaccinations until their treatment is over.

“The social impact of not having children vaccinated is truly life-threatening for some,” Carl Krawitt, whose seven-year-old son has leukemia, told The New York Times.

But many parents out there disagree with Krawitt, and say the debate isn’t about keeping children safe from easily preventable diseases, but ya know freedom or some dumb shit.

“There are large numbers of parents who are very concerned about the fact that we’re going to have mandated medical treatment against a fundamental right to education,” says Christina Hildebrand. Hildebrand is the founder of a nonprofit organization that believes parents should have the choice to be able to make their children sick because the former host ofMTV’s Singled Out said it’s a good idea.

“Parental freedom is being taken away by this, because the fear of contagion is trumping it,” Hildebrand added. “We think of California as being forward looking, but we’re doing the opposite here.”

Don’t worry Hildebrand, SB277 doesn’t seem to put any restrictions on your right to give your children enemas full of bleach to “cure” them of autism, so you still have got that hill to die on, along with your children, who will already be dead, because you killed them.



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Just come out of a fruitless argument with a bunch of these crackpots. You can present all the science and stats there are- and they STILL think Bill Gates is killing children. Like that poor child in Spain, whose parents must be devastated, Diptheria- so totally preventable.

What bothers me the most (and most other people too?) is that the parents are basically saying it is their right to kill their child AND endager/kill someone else’s child.

Last I checked murder was illegal…

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