I set up a patreon here:

I also set up a gofundme here:

The patreon is for those who would like to a subscription fee and the gofundme is more of a one time payment deal.

I hope this works.

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do a gofundme!??! all thees dumbness and thots do it!
noooooo. don’t go.

That’s genuinely sad news. I’m going to buy every lottery ticket I can, between now and then, and donate winnings to the Chaos cause.

This is truly a sad thing. You people and this site have filled a huge hole in my day for as long as I can remember and I thank you for that!

We are still brain storming and trying to come up with ideas, but everything seems like just a bandaid on a bigger problem.
I am at a loss. Very sad. This is not what I want. I thought about patreon. I thought about gofund me. I wish we could get better advertisers on the site but since we have nipples on here it is hard to find advertisers.

I have till the 25th… but what about next month and the next month and the next month?

so sad.

Nooooooooooo!!! What about small subscription fee? The chive do it and they just nick the content from here

In addition to my above comment I would like to say that the talent and dedication it took to create and maintain this wonderful site should not be wasted. I understand that quitting is often the wisest thing to do but only after all options have been exhausted. Therefore I suggest and hope that you do not waste your experience in bringing to us this wonderful site and perhaps channel your efforts in creating an even better version of Chaostrophic……even if the nipples have to go. How can anybody be so stuffy and backwards so to withhold advertising support for such a popular website because of occasional bare breasts?

Bruh, this is where i get all of my spicy memes and shit, it’s like 4chan but without the worst fucking community ever, will be terrible to see you go, but i understand. Would there be any chances that you would put the source code on something like a github if somebody tried to revive it?

we could maybe delete all our old content and start again on a smaller server.

we need a content delivery service, that is inexpensive…. I need someone that can help me figure this out because I don’t know what I am doing.

That sucks, you guys put a lot of effort into this site. IIRC Chaostrophic was created when was under threat of being shut down or sold off (it was yanked off the internet a couple years later). Correct me if I’m wrong.

I have been with you guys since I AM BORED’s website went belly up. How much are the costs associated with running Chaostrophic? Maybe a monthly subscription or as others have mentioned, GoFund me. Honestly, you’re one of the few sites I even bother visiting daily. There will be a hole in my daily routine if you guys end.

So… you set up root in the US. I’ll set up a child replication server here in Australia, Drac can have one in the jugles of Thailand, and a couple of lurkers can do the same in Europe . We run redirect IPs based on location and run replication during off-peak. Use virtual for core routing at the access layer, that way we can centrally administer the whole thing as if it’s one machine. 4 or 5 Cisco 4850s would be cheap second hand. Just have to set strict retention policies to keep the DB’S lean so storage stays cheaper.

Sorry to see you go. You picked up the slack when IMB closed, were are we to go when we are bored? The Chive sux, ThrillBlender is okay but only does one posting a day.

Sorry to see you go. You picked up the slack when IMB closed, were are we to go when we are bored? The Chive sux, ThrillBlender is okay but only does one posting a day. And it looks like Catsmob died.

This is horrible news. The one bright spot in the whole WWW going dark. I wish I had the means to cover costs. Please do not consider Chaostrophic to have been a failure. Its time comes too soon but never did it fail to entertain or enlighten me. Maybe some other fan with more resources can invest and save this place for the rest of us. My fingers are crossed. Thank you for all your efforts. I love it here…

Argustuft I can’t understand half of what you wrote but it sounds pretty smart.

Our server costs right at $500 a month. If 500 people would donate a dollar a month we could stay up.

My flippin internet is $128 a month, but I can handle that cost by myself

The site was making a good profit last year, and our cutesypooh site was leading in ad revenue, but something happened in january and everything just started slipping to nothing.
I don’t mind working for free, it is fun for me to program (god my life is boring) so I don’t need payment

I used to have staff that I paid but I let them go earlier this year. (we had 5 employees at one time)
Electriceye now works for free on the site in his spare time and has helped pay running costs since covid started. Huge help and a big thanks goes out to him

I have been supporting the site through another job but covid has messed that up as well, they have shut down temporarily.

We have one secret benefactor that has donated in the past that has helped tremendously but he wants to stay anonymous, another big thank you to you… you know who you are.

I am sorry guys. Life sucks right now. 2020 kicked my ass.

On another note, I have stopped programming. it does seem useless with a shut down looming over my head. Quite depressing actually.

My get up and go has got up and went. This is too fucking sad dammit.

google had a huge hand in this as well guys. they try to dictate what you can and can’t put on your site and then they blackball you and you can’t get advertisers and they bury you in search so no one can find you. I fought them and put up what I wanted and it has come back to haunt me.

Can’t fight the big corporate bosses I guess.

Sounds like you have an offer of remote hosting and supervision already, maybe between that and a subscription you could pull things together? Try offering a subscription service, see how that goes 🙂 I’d pay for this.

Please don’t go.

I’ve been with you all for so long, since before IAB had a forum or user content. I’m sorry I didn’t contribute more. I don’t use Adblock, if it helps. I’d happily pay a $10 monthly fee just to have a place to visit old friends, and enjoy fun content.

Noooo, soooo sad. I followed you from IAB, and have been loyally coming back over and over again. =(

If you ever start anything up again, please let us know, some of us will follow and will whitelist so that adblock does not interfere. =(

Not sure how this site is setup but looks like it is WP. Hooking WP to Amazon S3 for data storage would likely provide cheaper hosting and can used with a CDN as well. Frequently accessed data runs $0.023 per GB up to the first 50 TB. WP has a plugin to support S3. Quick search on WP and S3 will provide details.

I suspect a lot of that $500 a month bill is related to storage. Do you have stats to see how much old content is actually viewed or results in search hits, to see if it is worth storing. I suspect 95% of served content is what is on the first page.

The issue with nudity and advertisers I’m not familiar with but perhaps look at similar sites and see who is advertising with them. If they have working business model borrow it and their advertisers.

Thank you so much for explaining the costs. Could you maybe try setting up a monthly/yearly subscription fee? I am more than willing to pay.

Truly gutted to hear this.
You guys are one of the first sites I visit daily. Surely there is a hardcore of 500 of us to pay that dollar a month. The other thing, Cat, if it’s not stating the obvious is couldn’t you stop showing the nips? It’s not as if there aren’t any alternatives for those that come here for that.

welp, that’s a dollar a week from me. easy enough for most people, and if about a hundred do it you’re good to go. Worth every penny 🙂

Me again. This is the message I get.
Oh no! It looks like you don’t have permission to pledge to The most common reasons for this are due to previous payment declines or suspicious activity. If you feel this block was in error, we suggest reaching out to on another platform.

Sorry I didn’t see it. I’ve been going thru chemo. The patreon page has been taken down.

Drawman even if we pull the nips at this point, google refuses to ‘unban’ us. We did pull boobs before. We blocked them from view. We already tried many many many many many times. And when google turns you down all the other advertisers seem to follow suit. As for naughtier advertisers they say we aren’t ‘porny’ enough and need actual porn for them to advertise. We walk a fine line here. But that is chaostrophic. Nip posts are popular on here.

We have great advertisers on cutesypooh, and that site was making enough to pay for everything (only cute things on there, no nips) so that allowed us to continue to post whatever we wanted on chaostrophic . But since covid started cutesypooh went from 10,000 viewers a day down to 500.

I am guessing people used to look at cutesypooh while at work because it was safe for work, but now people aren’t working, and less viewers. it dropped by 1000 people a week at one point. Cutesy used to pay all the bills but now it doesn’t. Shoot if all you guys on Chaos just clicked around on cutesy or spastic bastard every day that would solve the problem. They both have better advertisers.

Everything seemed to go bad so quickly, and I hate asking for help, so I let people go instead and downsized and got another job to pay for what was lacking in revenue. I was hoping this was temporary and things would go back to normal and we would be okay again. Plus my pride got in the way not wanting to admit that the sites were failing. Before this year they weren’t failing. Before 2020 we were doing great. Everything was fine and the bills were paid.
Each month it got a little worse. This month I can either pay the power bill or the server. Can’t do both. They are both due on the same day.
I also hate/love our server providers. sometimes they are great and help me out a lot (I am not very tech minded) and then they seem to turn away and not help at all.

I would love to host the server in my own home but I have satellite internet and it is not fast enough to host a server and everytime a cloud passes I lose internet. It is all that is available where I am right now. Wish I had fiber. I even have a server sitting in my den, waiting to work.

Drac I never got an email, maybe it went to spam, or something, but if you want to assist please assist now before they wipe the whole site out. I thought of you, earlier, but I kept thinking I could solve it another way. My biggest worry though is that I need to get a steady monthly income every month, not just this month, so I need to fix something so we can stay afloat. At least until cutesypooh or spastic start paying out again.

Darkdragonrider I don’t know why you would get that message. Was that on patreon or gofundme? I will look into it. These funding sites are confusing as well.

I tried to put $1 as the starting subscription on patreon, but it kept poping up a message suggesting $3 dollars because $1 was too low. so if 167 people will pledge $3 a month the server is paid.

this suck sucks sucks suckage major suckage occurring everything sucks right now.

yay it gets even worse! patreon just sent me this:
Hello there,
This is a note to alert you that your Patreon account has been suspended and is pending removal for suspicious activity. If you believe this action was taken in error, please reach out to us.
Patreon Trust & Safety

That is why no one can subscribe… i am trying to fix it now

Something went wrong on patreon. I hope to have it fixed shortly. We even had subscribers already.
dammit dammit
Gofundme is fine though.

OH GOSH sorry you are going through chemo darkdragonrider… are you okay? Your second message didn’t show while I was writing my screed. I just now saw. it. The world is going insane.

I work in IT, IaaS specifically, hosting stuff. Let’s get a private conversation channel between the technical minded folks setup, I’m happy to pitch in my thoughts. Some good info has already been put in the comments but let’s get organized and see what a feasible plan looks like. Anyone got a basecamp, trello, or something that could be used temporarily?

I’m doing fine. Thank you for asking. Can you send me an email to if patreon comes back up. I want to sign up for the $10 amonth. This site keeps me sane while I’m work. Love you guys.

Please let us know when the Patreon link is fixed. That would seem to be the best way to have a more continuous flow. Gofundme might help one month and then we’ll be in the same situation.

How about everyone reading these comments and enjoy this site as much as I do, jump over to the gofundme site and donate so to achieve at least the $500 goal before Aug 25. I understand that will give one more month for us as a community to figure out how we can save Chaostrophic from going under. I think the subscription service is a good solution for the future site security and I am more than willing to subscribe…

Don’t let Steve Bannon administer the donation pages. Or the “hot daughter”.

I am still waiting for patreon to answer me. I have no idea what happened. I mean I just set it up last night so what could have gone wrong in 12 hours time?

Thank you all for your support.
This ship is sinking but it is NOT sunk yet.
I am currently trying to find someone to host a server I own. It is an older one, but we don’t need a NASA level machine to run the site. I cant find anyone near me that is able to host a machine with a high speed connection and a reasonable price for data transfer. Not only that..but I have no idea on how set a server up and maintain it.
While I appreciate all the tech experts comments…I don’t understand much of it as I have been doing my Tech Support for Cat out of my love for the site and Cat and not based on my technical knowledge. I used to be really into computers and networking etc…but that was 20 years ago. So much has changed. I work Full time as a Butcher.
I am currently working on installing a paid membership program. It will allow paid members to see special original content created by us..(Catastrophic mostly) and handle monthly subscriptions. If it doesn’t take down the server because of load…it may be the answer to generating the monthly revenue we need to cover the server costs.

Anyone that wants to talk can write me at ….at least until the server shutdown.
I have an avenue to pawn my truck to pay for the server costs this month …(hoping that we will receive a COVID 19 stimulus check to redeem the pawn in the next 30 days), which I am willing to do if that is the last option. We have to come up with some kind plan to make sure we have operating costs every month to insure we can continue.

We REALLY need money, Technical knowledge and lots and lots of beer to get through this. I am hoping that the fans of this site and all the other sites will find a way to make this happen. I haven’t given up yet. I cant give up on Cat and all the people that I have met here since IAB. It has been a great ride so far…I am hoping this is just a new beginning!

be well and safe everyone..wash your hands..stay 6 ft apart,

Much love

I just donated to your GoFundMe. However, once Patreon is back up- I will make sure to commit to that as well! “Where there’s a will, there is a way!”

I think the unsung hero of the day is Zebadee and his Asian girls.

And of course Cat, EE and the team. Thank you and I look forward to more good content.

ZBD is an amazing friend! We asked him many times to be a content editor…but he refused to take the leap. I am hoping moving forward, he will step up and get on board. He has a great nose for finding those kinds of posts.
Thanks Drac! You are the best.

Please let me know when the subscriptions start so I can sign up.

THANK YOU GUYS!!!! I AM DANCING A JIG RIGHT NOW! The server will stay up and electriceye is working on adding a subscription to the site (hopefully it won’t take the server down).
I was going to use patreon but I have written them twice and still haven’t heard anything back. So they are still shut down as of this morning.
Programming will resume on Monday! And we have at least a month to figure out the server situation.

You guys really pulled through, I am so grateful.
p.s. Anything extra on gofundme will go towards the next month of server costs.


Just kicked in a FITTY on GFM- get those idiots at Patreon on board. happy to step up with a monthly subscription (it will be my first ever on there!)
This site gets me through days and nights better than any other-

[asked a super tech friend, invented protocols for SEAGATE to find a content delivery service host for a better fee too- fingers crossed)

GFM – $50
Patreon was subscribed but that went tits up!
Keep us posted on a membership fee.

Thank you ALL for your support!
Just got hone from work…gotta feed the people!

I am working on installing a subscription program now.Will keep you updated when it goes live.

What I need right now is people that know WTF is going on with a CDN and how it works…We need anyone with experience on hosting a webserver with wordpress ….We need an inexpensive alternative to Siteground hosting….if we can get these answers right…I guarantee CAT can provide you content YOU want to see!

Will update later when I am done with the changes,

Thank you again for your support!


Donated. I’m pretty quiet, but I come see you guys every day. You really brighten the world, even with the NSFW stuff. I don’t want to see you gone. You make subscription, I will get subscription. We won’t let you sink.

Hey hey, I’ll throw some $$$ into GoFundMe, but if you figure out the Patreon, I’m on board (or on “bored”…hehe). Throw up a new post if you get the Patreon working!!!

Your etsy page is missing.

Also, I don’t see any ads on the site using android chrome. My browser is only set to block “misleading” ads. If there is any legit advertising (I’ve read how you are stuck between content genres) please let us know how we can help, either by browsing or click through.

We took the etsy down. No interest in it it seemed.
There are ads right under the original post, they kind of look like our related content but aren’t, they are ads… some ads seem to be missing from the sidebar???? I will ask Electriceye to look into why.
He almost has a subscription system in place, he is getting the kinks out of it and testing it now. Might go up tomorrow.???
People can click on or or or if they want to help with revenue, all those sites have good advertising, but less traffic. Any clicks on those help with the cause!

I donated on the GoFund. Please let me know when the subscriptions. start.

Thank you all for your support!
I have worked diligently to get this subscription plugin setup. I am not going to roll it live until I am absolutely sure everything is secure and working as intended. I am hoping to have it wrapped up in the next 24 hours.

I am thinking we need to off sever media storage so the server is just processing site instructions and not trying to process every single request for a page load when members view a page. I have to research that though.

Cat has sent me a basic plan of what she wants done ASAP but I have to review it still. It seems really solid from what I saw already.

I will update when I get anything important done,

Just signed up for the GOD Tier yearly. Hope this helps. Love this site. Hope this helps.

DDR, DAMN!!!! Thank you! Super fast too, we still don’t have it completely set up even!

Speaking of which we are attempting to contact overdoneone, his attempt to sign up has gone a bit awry. EE is trying to fix it.

I got the subscription system in place and we already have a few signups. Everything is working great. ‘
I will be working on getting offsite media storage now which will hopefully improve the site speed.
Thank you all for your support.

I have tried multiple times to sign up for membership both before EE was successful and after, the latest attempt just a few minutes ago. Each and every time Paypal kicks me to the curb, giving me no clear reason why. My Visa card is current, Paypal has been updated and I even called my bank to see if some secret squirrel procedure was needed to complete this otherwise common transaction. The bank assured me that they had no problem with Paypal payments and reviewed my account, finding zero problems/reasons on why I’m having the trouble I am. The only suggestion they could give was maybe it has something to do with Chaostrophic, but according to EE and the fact that others are not having the trouble I am….leads me back to the same square one that leads to the never ending cyber-circle jerk.

I’ve been to the Paypal web page seeking their help which amounts to a page listing all the FAQ’s that are supposed to assist in problems such as the one I’m having. Again, all of their fixes lead back to the very same black hole of despair where no real answers are given and/or my problem can’t be solved, much less heard of.

As much as I would like to become a member, all my failures lead back to Chaostrophic and the questions: Is this problem stemming from your website? Could it be with Paypal? Or is it some obscure mistake of mine that I am not yet aware of?


Just got home,,gotta feed the people! I got many emails about people not being able to complete the subscriber memberships via PayPal. I am going to set up a Stripe gateway ASAP! that one is suppose to be WAY better and it doesnt charge any fees. I need to research it though,

I personally cant thank you all enough. This has been a Long Hard road since IAB and all I ever wanted was the fantastic content
Cat was pumping there and the great debates and conversations we used to have. If we can get that back, it would be amazing,

I am currently working on changing up the CDN and get the load off the server so the site will load fast and we can put up the bells and whistles we wanted when we started this, Cat has a ton of shit planned and I hope I can get it all done!

I need fucking help and suggestions on what needs to get done to make this site run!

i work on a 10 year old laptop with satellite internet that sucks so bad ,,especially right now with the hurricane going on, t t is impossible to get anything to load. Trying my best though,,,,,,,,,

Thank you ALL for support


I shut off the profile plugin again,,due to server load. I will reinstall it when I can get the load down to level.
This is a feature I KNOW Cat wants and I will get it back ASAP!
no data got lost this time so when I bring it back….everything should be back to normal. It will just take some time to free up resources.

Be well and safe all

Just looking at the ‘tiers,’ can someone explain “unique subscriber only posts”?

There will be posts once a week that no one will be able to see unless they are a subscriber. Depending on what tier you are on you will get to see 1 to 4 of them a month and on god tier you will get weekend content that no one but subscribers see. Regular viewers and members will see a thumbnail, but will not be able to see the content. It will not interfere with regular programming and will not block any features that people normally see on a daily basis.

So starting tomorrow content will be going up for subscribers only.

Then once a week on Wednesdays another post will go up for subscribers only. It is a perk for subscribing.

some will be interesting, or thought provoking, might even throw up some extra naughty posts as well, depending on what you guys want.

Hope that explains it. If not let me know!

I can see that there are a lot of people trying to get a subscription and not being to complete it via PayPal. I am working o setting up another payment gateway hoping that will fix the issue. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I will updafe when it is working,.

Thank you for your support

We are trying to add another avenue for payment through stripe but they have to verify our accounts, and since it is the weekend it is taking a lot of time. You can wait for that, or if you would like, you can just make a donation on our gofundme in the amount of the subscription you would like. If you do decide to do that send me an email on there with your user name from chaostrophic and the subcriber account you would like, and we can issue you an account on the backend.

You can also write me at

Here is the gofundme link if you need it:

I received your emails dated 28 Aug in my junk mailbox. If you sent any emails after that I would like to know. I have added all your emails to my safe sender list so I am at a loss, trying to understand why you were blocked. However, I thank all you guys for putting up with my rants and I especially appreciate the subscription!

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