Badass Eagles Are Being Trained To Kill Rogue Drones

Sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads, move over because there’s a new defensive animal on the block. Introducing eagles that are specially trained to annihilate drones.

If you plan to fly your drone in the Netherlands, think again because the Dutch National Police are training eagles to take down rogue drones. These eagles are rewarded in capturing a DJI drone as if it was prey. The program is a collaboration between the Dutch National Police and raptor training company Guard From Above.

Wait until the animal activists get a load of this.


This is a far different approach than the Tokyo Police are taking in their anti-drone tactics, which pits drones fitted with nets to capture other drones. I give eagles the edge.




Badass Eagles Are Being Trained To Kill Rogue Drones

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The Americans are planning to shoot them down over stadiums. When they miss spectators get a facefull of buckshot.

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