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Bank Robber Keeps Spelling One Important Word Wrong

Bank Robber Keeps Spelling One Important Word Wrong



A bank robber dubbed the “spelling bee bandit” because the notes he’s passed to tellers contain the same misspelling is being sought for four robberies in Massachusetts, reports the AP. The FBI says the man’s notes have just one word: “robery” with one “B.” His latest target was a TD Bank in Peabody on Sunday.


He’s also suspected of hitting banks in Arlington, Reading, and Burlington since Oct. 31. In all the robberies, he’s worn sunglasses and either a baseball hat or hood. He’s described as white, in his late 30s or early 40s, and about 6 feet tall. The FBI says it’s concerned because the man is becoming increasingly aggressive toward the tellers. The reward is up to $1,000.


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