Bankrupt Man Set Fire To His Belongings And Stood Drinking Cup Of Tea –

There are probably many things to do when you’re facing the possibility of having all of your belongings repossessed.

One of those things is not setting fire to the van that’s taking everything away like this bloke from Cornwall did – before drinking a brew as he waited for the police to arrive and arrest him. Nothing like being prepared, is there?

John Cartwright, 65, now faces a lengthy jail sentence after he exploded into a ‘fit of rage’ when he had his belongings repossessed on 15 February by a removal company.

Truro Crown Court heard that he poured petrol into the back of the van in broad daylight and destroyed some of his belongings in the process, saying: “If I can’t have my stuff, no-one can.” Bold move, John.

The van, which belonged to international removal company, Movecorp, was written off at the loss of £34,874($47,329). That’s probably not what he needs right now.

As he waited for police to arrive, Cartwright stood casually outside his home in St Dennis, Cornwall, and enjoyed a brew. Like you do.

He was arrested and charged with one count of arson, to which he has since pleaded guilty to.

Credit: SWNS 

Prosecuting, Kate Churcher, told the court on Friday (May 4) that Movecorp would be seeking compensation from Cartwright. Not sure what they’re expecting given he’s kind of bankrupt.

Representing Cartwright, Chris Nicholls told Judge Robert Linford that a suspended prison sentence might be appropriate.

But Judge Linford said: “I’m a mile away from a suspended sentence.” At least he’s honest.

He added: “This is a very serious case indeed, and an extremely serious and worrying offence. He is looking down the barrel of a very long prison sentence.”

Judge Linford then adjourned the case for a pre-sentencing report.

Movecorp’s managing director, James Tennant, said his four staff were so shaken by the incident that they were given a day off to recover. We’d need at least a month after that blaze.

At the time of the incident, Mr Tennant said: “We were contracted on behalf of John Cartwright’s trustees to remove all items from the property after it had been repossessed after a bankruptcy hearing.

“Whilst the crew started loading the truck with goods, the bankrupt poured petrol all over the truck and proceeded to set fire to the truck and contents whilst in a fit of rage and anger.

“The value of contents is unknown but the truck is a total write off with a value of £35,000.”


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