BANNED! – 6 Apps That Were Removed From The App Store

SourceWe live in a magical era of smartphones, where there’s an app for virtually every single function we could possibly think of. Some are absolutely vital, and some are, well, significantly less vital. But like that one guy in that one movie said, “With great power comes something something”, so it was inevitable that some big dumb dummies were going to abuse that power and create some god-awful apps. Here are six ridiculous banned apps:

I Am Rich

banned apps rich

The height of vanity! I can’t even lie, if I had the means to buy this app, I can’t guarantee I wouldn’t, just for the sheer audacity of it. This thing was available for ONE THOUSAND U.S. DOLLARS, and all it did was display a glowing red gem on your phone. This app is the virtual equivalent of a middle finger to all your friends.

Baby Shaker

banned apps baby

Uh, yeah, I’m not even going near this one. If you need me to tell you why this might be one of the most awful apps ever created, you probably need help that I can’t give you. (Also, come on, how lazy is that design?! It’s tasteless AND boring. Double-whammy.)

Me So Holy

banned apps holy

Have you ever wanted to be that one jerk in your circle of friends that doesn’t want to just offend one group of people based on their beliefs, but a whole bunch of people? No? Okay, good, you’re still a functioning member of society. If you were that kind of madman, though, you would’ve had a good ol’ blast with “Me So Holy”, a HI-LARIOUS app that would let you paste your head onto the bodies of different deities. Yeah, you might be as big as Buddha and have a beard that would put Jesus to shame, but if you’re into this app, there’s just no saving you, broseph. (There is also no saving you if you call people “broseph”.)

Ghetto Tweets

banned apps ghetto

Not only is “Ghetto Tweets” one of the most bone-headedly racist ideas that has ever struck someone with the ability to code, it’s just cringe-worthy in its unfunniness. Unless your name is Snoop Dogg (or, well, Snoop Lion), you’re simply not allowed to add “-izzle” to any word. At all. Ever. Nope, I don’t care if you’re describing how something is cooking, or telling a friend about the light rain outside, NO EXCEPTIONS.


banned apps buzzed

This was just one of several apps to hit the marketplace that alerted people to the existence and location of DUI checkpoints. Because, really, when you’re trying to drive drunk, who wants the po-po harshing your buzz? I mean, really, you’d have to be buzzed to think this app wouldn’t get yanked immediately.


banned apps relapse

All right, if we’re being real, Relapse was a pretty good album. Not one of Eminem’s best, but it could’ve been a lot worse. The “Relapse” app, on the other hand, which didn’t even make it to the App Store in the first place, took a turn towards the reeeeeal dark. It was supposed to have been based on the song/video “3 A.M.”, and would’ve featured our pal Marshall going on a killing spree that he presumably would’ve later forgotten about. Guys, let’s think about this — strike one was making this weirdo idea nearly come to fruition in the first place, but strikes two AND three? NOT CALLING IT “REAL-APPS.”

Which terrible app idea do you think could make you a bajillion dollars?


BANNED! – 6 Apps That Were Removed From The App Store

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I remember the I am rich app. It’s ironic because that’s the iPhone business model.

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