Barber Shop Owner Accused Of Racism – Charges White Customers More For A Haircut

Barber shop owner accused of racism after charging white customers more for a haircutThe Gloria Coiffeur Beauty Center’s price list. (Picture: CEN)

The owner of a barber shop has been accused of racism after charging customers more for a haircut if they are white.

The owner of the shop in Northern Italy attracted complaints to police after he opted to charge different prices depending on a person’s skin colour – meaning white people pay more than black people.

When police broke into the Gloria Coiffeur Beauty Centre in the Veneto region of Northern Italy, they seized a price list – which seemed to support the accusations.

The owner, who is African, is now being quizzed by police.

On the list, the barber appears to charge 10 Euros (£7) for a ‘white’ haircut, as opposed to 6 Euros (£4) for a ‘black’ haircut.

Customer Delmo Ricci, 27, described the sign as ‘blatant racial discrimination’.

‘I could not believe my eyes when I saw the sign. It is blatant racial discrimination’, he said.

‘I thought that kind of thing had been stamped out years ago. The owner must be crazy if he thinks he can get away with that.

‘I took one look at the price list and voted with my feet and walked out. It’s a disgrace’.

A police spokesman said: ‘Officers raided a hairdresser’s to collect evidence, our inquiries are continuing’.

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