YOU WANNA SEE BATMAN’S PENIS? SURE YOU DO! Batman Is Totally Naked In DC’s Mature Comic [NSFW]

YOU WANNA SEE BATMAN’S PENIS? SURE YOU DO! Batman Is Totally Naked In DC’s Mature Comic [NSFW]

Warning: This article contains MATURE content (and Batman Nudity)

Batman’s newest comic has proven how mature it’s going to be in just the first issue, with full-frontal Bruce Wayne nudity. It’s an incredible start to Batman: Damned‘s dark, supernatural story… but make no mistake: it’s Batman’s fully exposed… sidekick that is going to have more than just the comics industry talking.

The buzz has been building ever since DC Comics announced DC Black Label, an initiative to unite the best writers and artists – without limits, boundaries, or censorship. And with Batman: Damned, DC has definitely delivered. The story is only just beginning, but no matter how good it gets, it’s already immortalized as “the comic that revealed Batman’s penis.”

The promise of Black Label was instantly obvious, but excitement swelled further with word that Batman: Damned would launch the new imprint. Reuniting the team of Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo, Damned was confirmed to be the spiritual sequel to their mature, disturbing, and acclaimed JOKER graphic novel published in 2008. Even then, the comic’s mature content and story stopped at nudity.

Apparently, DC decided that if Black Label is really going to create new graphic novels in the vein of classic, influential works like WatchmenThe Killing JokeThe Dark Knight Returns, and Batman: Year One, then boundaries must be pushed. So when Bruce Wayne strips naked… he strips naked.

One last WARNING that uncensored BAT-NUDITY lay ahead. Behold the answer to a question you Batman fans may never have thought to ask…

Before anyone assumes that Azzarello and Bermejo are stirring up controversy for its own sake, some context for exactly why Batman is stripping naked outside of the Batcave should be offered. After passing out from multiple stab wounds in a Gotham alley, and waking up in John Constantine’s apartment, Bruce faces some strange facts. His wounds are gone, Joker was murdered on the same bridge he fell from earlier, and he’s hearing voices. All things considered, the grim version of Bruce Wayne Azzarello and Bermejo have chosen for this story – one haunting Wayne Manor, not bothering to change into his ‘billionaire’ disguise when removing the Batsuit – fits his current state of distress. Bruce Wayne’s mind is not well, no matter how strong his body may appear.

The bar has been set for any and all books that follow under the Black Label imprint, from Frank Miller’s return to Superman: Year One, to the alternate post-apocalyptic story of Wonder Woman’s future daughter (told by Greg Rucka, one of the most acclaimed WW writers of the modern era). While fans probably shouldn’t expect this same level of adult content or nudity, DC has made it clear that it’s acceptable as part of a Black Label story.

While Damned marks the first graphic novel released under the Black Label banner, the first series retroactively published under it is Batman: White Knight. The story from Sean Murphy may have hinted at a shift in the industry, also including Joker and Harley Quinn’s first love scene, while simultaneously making Jason Todd’s story even darker. Two plot beats that could have been shock-value gimmicks… but wound up building a more satisfying, mature story. The goal here is a similar one, demonstrating how ‘stripped down’ Bruce has become, now that his mind is being attacked instead of his body.

Only time will tell if Batman: Damned‘s first-issue nudity will lead to the same, but with these storytellers behind it, the odds are definitely in their favor. For now, interested readers can check out the full synopsis for Damned, to get a sense of just how much more “sordid” this chapter of Batman’s life is going to get:

The Joker is dead. There is no doubt about that. But whether Batman finally snapped his scrawny neck or some other sinister force in Gotham City did the deed is still a mystery. Problem is, Batman can’t remember…and the more he digs into this labyrinthian case, the more his mind starts to doubt everything he’s uncovering. So who better to set him straight than…John Constantine? Problem with that is as much as John loves a good mystery, he loves messing with people’s heads even more. So with John’s “help,” the pair will delve into the sordid underbelly of Gotham as they race toward the mind-blowing truth of who murdered The Joker. BATMAN: DAMNED is a bimonthly super-natural horror story told by two of comics’ greatest modern creators—a visceral thrill-ride that proudly puts the “black” in BLACK LABEL.


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