Behold The BeerBot — This Robot Gets You Beer When You Text It, Etches Your Phone # Onto Red Solo Cups

Behold The BeerBot — This Robot Gets You Beer When You Text It, Etches Your Phone # Onto Red Solo Cups

At the 5th Anniversary Bash for the website Geekwire, a tiny robot known as the ‘Texterator’ was in attendance and pouring beers into red solo cups for who didn’t want to wait in line at the bar. The Texterator works like this: (1) you text ‘beer’ to a phone number that tells the Texterator you want a beer, (2) the Texterator then texts you back to let you know when your beer is being poured so that you can go pick it up, and (3) the Texterator uses a laser to etch the last four digits of your phone number onto the side of a red solo cup so that you know which beer is yours.

If there was ever a robot worthy of being called a ‘beerbot’ then the Texterator is just that. Here’s some footage of this little badass in action, pouring beers and burning phone numbers into red solo cups using frickin’ laser beams.

If human beings are ever enslaved by robots I at least hope that the robot apocalypse begins with a tiny brobot bring us beers in red solo cups.

The Texterator was built by Zipwhip, a text messaging company that works for existing landlines. And as I mentioned before, the Texterator was debuted at GeekWire’s 5th Anniversary Bash, where people in attendance were able to get crunked thanks to this handy little brobot.

According to GeekWire, the initial pours from the Texterator ‘weren’t exactly smooth’, but as the night wore on the robot hit his stride and became everyone’s favorite bartender….Now I really, really, really want one for myself. If anyone out there is a roboticist and is planning on getting me a birthday or Christmas present this year then go ahead and mark this down. I don’t want another fucking pair of tube socks, I want a damn robot that can pour beers. Is that too much to ask?

Here’s the Texterator pouring beers:

Here’s the laser in action:

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