Bella Hadid Decided To Go Topless For Paper Magazine And We Decided To Not Ignore It [NSFW]



Just a few days ago Bella Hadid entertained us all by making ‘80s aerobics not only a thing again, but she made it hot. So that was a nice sight. Now Bella went out of her way to top that. How’s that? By teaming up with Paper Magazine and posing topless. Thanks, Bella.

The 20-year-old Los Angeles model graced the cover of the magazine, but it was the photos inside that will make your head turn. Let’s first take a look at the cover thanks to Paste Magazine’s Instagram:

Now here are some of the censored gems (don’t worry, they will be out and uncensored towards the bottom. We have your back!)

Vampire Princess. #Underworld

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And now here are Bella’s goods all free:

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So there you have it.

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