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Bella Hadid Releases Her Victoria Secret Show Audition Tape, Internet Melts

Bella Hadid Releases Her Victoria Secret Show Audition Tape, Internet Melts


Bella Hadid is following in her big sister Gigi’s footsteps. Literally.

It has just been announced that both the supermodel sisters will walk in the annual prestigious Victoria’s Secret fashion show in December.

While Gigi Hadid, arguably one of the most popular VS Angels, walked in the show last year Bella is set to get her wings in 2016 – and the honour is well-deserved by the looks of her fierce audition tape.

Victoria’s Secret – a globally renowned luxury lingerie brand – runs the annual fashion extravaganza at the end of each year, marking the beginning of fashion’s seasonal festivities with more magic and sparkle than Rudolph’s nose.

Bella has been modelling for high fashion and couture shows such as Marc Jacobs and Dior since she made her catwalk debut in ??.

But the 20-year-old is no stranger to showing some skin, so the notoriously sexy VS Show shouldn’t be to far out of her comfort zone.

And why not?

After all, Bella has a figure to die for.

Clearly, I’m not the only envious onlooker.

Since the announcement, fashion followers have flooded Twitter with their (some would argue) melodramatic reactions.

Some people are drawing comparison between Bella and her big sister, Gigi, as well as fellow supermodel and Kardashian Klan member Kendall Jenner – who have both walked in the show before.

Bella has been taking tips from Gigi, copycatting her walk and her social media presence.

Other tweeters pointed out the model’s slim but athletic frame, voicing concerns about her weight and health.

As the newest Angel, though, Bella will have to adhere to a strict diet and workout regime as part of her job description.

Some fashion pedants and naysayers have claimed Bella is not quite model material, criticising her credentials.

Even Geordie Shore‘s Marnie Simpson weighed in, rather unnecessarily and with some poor spelling, nonetheless.

Some might frown upon the news that Bella and Gigi will become the first sisters to walk the VS runway, complaining of nepotism in the fashion industry.

Bella’s surname certainly has helped her further her modelling career; she’s the daughter of supermodel Yolanda Foster and obviously her big sister’s connections can’t hurt.

But whatever your opinion on Bella, the young woman will surely dazzle in the most exciting, glittering fashion event of the year.

The countdown begins!


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