Other than when members of the Indiana Pacers go into the crowd and beat up NBA fans, there are no brawls in sports better than baseball brawls. Benches clear, multiple scuffles often break out and sometimes old coaches get thrown to the ground by opposing team’s aces (you’ll see). In honor of summer baseball being upon us, here are some of the best, most recent punches to the face in MLB history.

Rougned Odor vs. Jose Bautista
rougned odor jose bautista punch, rangers blue jays brawl
We obviously must start with last week’s slug in the face by Odor of Joey Bats, a dude who I imagine many players in the league have wanted to punch.

Martin Maldonado vs. Travis Snider
The Best Punches To The Face In Baseball History
The head goes back, the hat goes flying, and Snider was left with a black eye. All in a day’s work at the ballpark (even though it happened in the third inning). Watch the full fight here.

Ray Knight vs. Eric Davis

Much like with Odor and Bautista, this fight ignited over an incident on the base path. Then, like all good MLB brawls, subsequent take-downs and wild fists flying took it to another awesome level.

Pedro Martinez vs. Mike Williams
The Best Punches To The Face In Baseball History
Pitcher-on-pitcher crime. Beautiful.

Michael Barrett vs. A. J. Pierzynski
The Best Punches To The Face In Baseball History
Catcher-on-catcher crime. Even more beautiful (especially when it happens in the Crosstown Classic).  I recently realized that this happened 10 years ago. I’m friggin’ old.

Nyjer Morgan vs. Chris Volstad and Gabby Sanchez
best punches to the face in mlb baseball history, nyjer morgan chris volstad, washington nationals florida marlins brawl
Two solid hits in a row! After crazed lunatic Morgan charged Volstad (connecting with a jump punch because the two are almost a foot apart in height), teammate Gaby Sanchez was quick to respond with a clothesline for the books. Good thing everyone saw this fight coming.

Armando Benitez vs. Darryl Strawberry
best punches to the face in mlb baseball history, armando benitez darryl strawberry, baltimore orioles new york yankees brawl
While it may have been Benitez who started what is now considered one of the lengthiest brawls in MLB history with a rogue pitch clearly intended to cause trouble, it was Strawberry’s come-from-behind neck punch that ultimately made the best connection.

Nolan Ryan vs. Robin Ventura

So many things are awesome about this iconic brawl. One, 20 years separated the two men in age, as Ventura was 26 and Ryan was 46. Two, the instant headlock that Ventura finds himself in. Three, the punches to the top of the head had to hurt, but then the old man sneaks in one uppercut before being taken down. Four, the brawl goes on FOREVER, and you remember that Bo Jackson was on the White Sox, too. Five, Nolan Ryan gets to stay in the fucking game afterwards.

Baseball will never be better than this.

Just kidding…

Pedro Martinez vs. Don Zimmer
pedro martinez don zimmer, yankees red sox brawl
It’s not a punch to the face, more of a grab of a 72-year-old man’s bald head and a toss to the ground. This was back in 2003, when the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry mattered more than anything else. Everyone was so shocked and/or disgusted by this that it actually helped calm things down, but it still lives in infamy as the most hilariously awful baseball brawl of all time.



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