Bet You Can’t Find The 12 British Soldiers Hidden In This Photo

Bet You Can’t Find The 12 British Soldiers Hidden In This Photo

Once in a while a puzzle or an optical illusion takes the internet by storm, as everyone comes together to try and figure out just what in the hell is going on.  So if you’re ready to scratch your head some more, it’s time to check out this picture that is confusing everyone.

The photo below, shared by the British Army Facebook, is just a photo of the Brunei jungle. And in that photo there are 12 members of the British Army camouflaged in it. Pretty crazy, huh? See if you can spot them.

Any luck?

The British army posted this photo along with others on the internet as part of its specialist training regime and Close Target Reconnaissance training. I mean, just check out this awesome video.

The unit is in Brunei on a month-long exercise to improve reconnaissance and patrolling skills while in some of the harshest environment.

Oh, still haven’t found the 12 soldiers? Well, here they are in case you’ve given up. And no shame, I gave up as well.

I still don’t see them.


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