Big Brother’s 20 Hottest “Showmances” From Around The World

Big Brother’s 20 Hottest “Showmances” From Around The World


“Showmances” and “Bromances” are one of the best parts of the reality show/social experiment we know as Big Brother. Every season we get to sit back and watch the drama unfold between (approximately, because it varies) 16 strangers. These are mostly hot 20-somethings specifically chosen for their penchant to not get along with the others chosen to (likewise) not get along with them. Think pastor/stripper, cowboy/city girl, that kind of thing. Big Brother is a hit around the globe, and promises competitions, romance, twists, and more. And as they say in the American version, you should always expect the unexpected.

Well, some of the so-called “showmances” that have developed in BB history have definitely been unexpected. People who outside of the house would never have given each other the time of day, actually hook up and even fall in love! Love works in mysterious ways, folks (and hook-ups, too). Just like the famous literary novel by George Orwell titled 1984, thanks to our own type of “Big Brother” (which is still creepy if you think about it, but not as much as the book version) we have front-row access to every hug, kiss, snuggle, and even beyond within the walls of the BB house.

As an avid Big Brother “superfan” and someone who has seen every season multiple times, as well as Big Brother shows from around the world (for example, the U.K., Canada, Australia versions, etc.) I can tell you that the following 20 Showmances are the hottest that Big Brother has known- in any country. The British seem to take the cake though, when it comes to behaving badly on Prime time television. Read on to see what I mean.

20. Marco And Laura



2016’s Big Brother UK is well underway right now, but it has viewers outraged at two of its contestants’ “pornographic” behavior. Channel 5, which airs the show in the UK, has received hundreds of complaints from fans and haters alike, all due to Marco Pierre White, Jr. and Laura Carter. As you will see, you would think they would be used to this kind of thing by now, but apparently not. Perhaps it is because when this occurred, the scandalous couple had literally just entered the house days before. So they basically immediately began getting it on with blatant disregard for their own privacy or for anyone else’s comfort level, including that of the viewers, some of whom say they felt “sick” watching the two. Even more shocking? Marco has a fiancée on the outside, who gave him a “hall pass” for the show! He did not take long to use said hall pass, nor did he wait long after beginning this relationship with Laura to take that to the next level; I am talking 50 Shades of Grey stuff, people.

19. Steven And Kimberly



Kimberly Kisselovich and Steven Goode met on Big Brother UK in 2014, and their immediate attraction turned into a Showmance, and eventually they even walked down the aisle! Before that though, during their time in the house, their intimate emotional and physical love affair was well documented on camera. The internet is rife with photos of the 2 in bed- some leaving not too much to the imagination about what was happening under the covers, despite both of them being fully shielded by a blanket. They are seen snuggling, kissing, hugging, flirting, being playful, and being an all-around adorable couple. Unfortunately, after their wedding, they were unable to honeymoon due to Kimberly’s visa issues; she is an American and her visa was linked to an ex-boyfriend and not Steven, so she faced deportation. It ended up that the marriage was short-lived, anyway (like, really short) and Kimberly headed back stateside for good.

18. David And Amanda



David Lane and Amanda Craig are infamous for being the first-ever couple to actually have sex inside the American Big Brother house. In front of cameras. Knowingly. Considering that Amanda was the first person evicted that season, it is reasonable to assume that this happened when they had known each other mere weeks, or even days. Sex early on in a relationship and even random hook-ups are by no means rare nowadays- unless you do it on national television! And while hook-ups with near-strangers may not be uncommon, they are taboo, so you don’t go flaunting them for the country to see… well,watch, in this particular case- Smh. Anyway, David and Amanda liked each other, and when she was nominated for eviction, the HOH lent the key to his private bedroom to the couple so they could have some “alone time”. How very thoughtful of him. Oh, and did I mention that both David and Amanda were in the house with their exes? As David said after their romp between the sheets, “Grandma’s gonna love this.” Bet she didn’t.

17. Ollie And April



These two are not among the most well-known of the American BB couples (or even individual contestants, for that matter) but when it comes to on-screen hook-ups, they are at the top of the list! April Dowling and Bryan Ollie (who liked to be called Ollie) of Season 10 were both best known for their Showmance with each other before their respective evictions (she 6th, he 8th) that turned intimate within the walls of the house. These two did not even attempt to keep their passion a secret, so everyone knew what was going on. Ollie, the son of a preacher, had only just lost his virginity before entering the house, and he apparently had no plans on quitting once he started! Just like David’s grandma, I bet Ollie’s dad most definitely did not love that.

16. Jeremy And Stephanie



And then there were Jeremy and Stephanie. I am going to be honest; I am not really sure what happened with these two in the most recent Celebrity Big Brother season, because (besides just the two of them), there was an alleged kiss between he and some other girl, and another guy involved too, and all four of them (plus some other people they were linked to) have significant others, none of whom were even in the house! I get confused just thinking about it. So I won’t. What’s important is that Irish model Jeremy McConnell and English actress Stephanie Davis met, hooked up, and had an intense (and intensely public) Showmance very recently. But wait, there’s a twist! Stephanie is now pregnant, revealing her baby bump for the first time just last week. She claims it is Jeremy’s, but now the two hate each other and have obviously broken up, so apparently the paternity is being questioned. But honestly, when you combine “reality” with celebrities, can you really expect anything else?

15. Danny And Aisleyne



Danny Wisker and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace are two more of the UK’s infamous Big Brother superstars who got it on, on camera. Now she regrets the fling, saying she wishes she would have steered clear of her housemate “like the plague”. Ooh, that bad, huh? Upon her exit from the house in 2015, it was clear that both Danny and Aisleyne had genuine feelings for one another, but that was not enough to keep the Showmance alive on the “outside”, or even until her eviction. Earlier that week, she had been ready to walk out of the house when Danny was caught in bed with Jasmine Lennard, a fellow housemate. She said her drama was because of her lack of sleep, but yeah, right. She only gave Danny a “6 out of 10” though, when all was said and done. And upon his own exit later on, Danny also regretted “sleeping with” Aisleyne, despite their mutual attraction. It should be noted that some sources say they only kissed, spooned, and shared a bed, while others called whatever they did “sleeping together.” You would think it would not be such a mystery, given that this is Big Brother. 

14. Austin And Liz



It was just one year ago that Austin and Liz met on Big Brother 17 (U.S). But they faced an unusual hurdle thus far unprecedented on the show for Showmances: Liz had secretly entered the house with her identical twin sister Julia, and the 2 were switching places every few days! In fact, Austin’s strange “feeling” that Liz was being hot and cold with him (Julia was not a fan of him, comically) was one of the things that outed the twins, though they kept their secret in the alliance successfully. In the end, it was no “feeling” at all, and both twins entered the house to play individually. Liz made it to the finale and was the runner-up for the season. For her, the season had included her unexpected Showmance with the big, hairy, tattooed Austin, who at first she did not even like. But it would come to be that she liked him back eventually. Slowly but surely she fell for the beast, and incriminating evidence emerged suggesting that some things (involving hands) happened under the covers one day. Awhile after that, the media was abuzz with people speculating that they had actually done the deed, too, on a separate occasion. Out of all of this, we learned that yes, Big Brother does supply condoms to the house guests.

13. McCrae And Amanda



Not too long ago, there lived a shaggy-haired pizza delivery boy and a B-of-the-century realtor who somehow fell in love and became McCranda. I don’t know how; I really don’t. Remember those house guests I mentioned before who you would just never picture together? Well, that is American BB Season 15’s McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman. This is mostly because Amanda seemed truly evil at times, and she scared me even through the television screen. Poor McCrae was either just very whipped or very afraid. Either way, they hooked up on and off the show. Their Showmance-turned-romance lasted for some time when all was said and done, but then they broke up. It was probably for the better; she was five years his senior, and judging by what we saw from all the toplessness that goes on in the BB house, she also could have kicked his scrawny butt. Easy.

12. Lee And Jasmine



Blue singer Lee Ryan and his one-time love, actress Jasmine Waltz, met on Celebrity Big Brother in 2014. They lasted for awhile in life after the house, but ultimately, she dumped him for being not enough of a man. Her exact words regarding the issue were, “I tried… U lost. 2% man 98% bulls***.” This, apparently, was a text to him. The breakup came just weeks after both Lee and Jasmine made comments about how in love they were, and she said she trusted him more than anything after being asked about the 3rdperson in their love triangle in the CBB house, busty model Casey Batchelor. Well, even though they did not work out, at least they all three provided plenty of drama afterward, including his arrest for drunkenness, Jasmine speaking out about his alcoholism, her stripping topless for a photo shoot, and Casey claiming she sees Lee “all the time.” It is almost as if there is more drama out of the house than in, at least for these three. But one thing remains clear: as far as Lee and Jasmine go, he totally “blue” it! Sorry, I had to.

11. Cristian And Jasmine



Cristian MJC (also known as Matthew Clarkson) is a rapper, model, singer, athlete, and medical student from London who appeared in Big Brother UK’s 16th season alongside his Showmance, English socialite and Made in Chelsea star (and Simon Cowell’s ex-girlfriend), Jasmine Lennard. Before that, she had also been on Celebrity Big Brother 10. Anyway, the two were only housemates for two days after she entered the house on Day 52 (they do things a bit differently on overseas Big Brothers), but the 24/7 surveillance still managed to capture plenty of love for the viewers. Then, less than 24 hours after the finale, they spent the night together! Jasmine shared the gossip herself, tweeting about it the next morning to her 78,000 followers. The tweet read: “Woke up next to the most beautiful boy in the world @CristianMJC feeling like a lucky girl.” However, this hookup was not without its haters and their insults, mostly directed at Jasmine, calling her a bag of bones, ugly, and even a bad cook! Both Cristian and Jasmine were publicly accused of only being in it for the other’s money (huh?). But they wound up dating! And from the looks of it on social media, they are still going strong despite a little bump in the road last fall.

10. James And Chelsia



These two kooky contestants are some of my favorite people to ever enter the Big Brother house stateside, which makes it all the better that they engaged in a Showmance! Pink-haired James Zinkand (who entered the show while bicycling around the world, with only $100 to his name) fell for Chelsia Hart, a college student from Iowa who had a little streak of punk in her, too. The two were paired from the beginning as “soulmates” in the 9th season of Big Brother, which saw contestants competing as pre-determined couples. They even had to sleep together in the same bed! But perhaps forcing love works, as James and Chelsia were only two of the season’s couples to engage in flirting, snuggling, have sneaky make-out sessions, and obvious sexual urges. James even said in an interview with that Chelsia’s behavior on the show “shocked” her family back home because of their small-town values. In the end, both said they would always love each other, but they went their separate ways (James kept on biking, though $25K richer after being voted America’s Favorite Juror at the end).

9. Jase And Holly



Aka Ken and Barbie. Abercombie and Fitch models. Two young, hot blondes who could not fend off their desires. Call them what you will, but when Jase Wirey and Holly King of American BB Season 5 come to mind, we think of the following: her little-girl bubblegum giggles, his ridiculous bandana and frost-tipped hair, and the two of them lounging around in as little as possible by the pool together. Oh, and his abs. Definitely those. It is almost enough that they are just that sexy all by themselves as individuals, but these two unlikable contestants did happen to fall for one another on the show . Quite appropriately, I might add, if you go by intellect. Unfortunately for them as a couple, Jase’s alliance did not like that they were pairing off, and it ended up with Holly getting the boot to protect their alliance and further their game. But nonetheless, there was no shortage of footage of these two equally annoying house guests and their…passion. They may look good, so it’s too bad it takes brains to win Big Brother, no matter what country you’re from.

8. Nick And Daniele



Also a little whiny herself is none other than pretty and petite Daniele Donato. In her first season on the U.S. version, which was Season 8 in 2007 with her estranged father, Dick (who liked to be called “Evel Dick”) Daniele and fellow contestant Nick Starcevic started up a “Flirtmance”, much to Daddy’s dismay. Nick was evicted quite early on but she and her father went on to become the winner and runner-up. After the show, Nick and Daniele dated briefly, and then she returned to BB with Dad for Season 13, though this time they did not win. Nick and Daniele, during their short romance, were often seen cuddling in bed. At first Nick pursued her heavily and she tried her best to respect the long-term relationship she had outside of the house. But alas, Nick won her over (he even gave her a “key to his heart”- so cheesy, but it worked!) and they were one more cutesie (read: Barbie and Ken) Showmance to go down in BB history. Daniele later ended up meeting and marrying fellow house guest Dominic Briones from her stint on Season 13.

7. Kevin And Sharon



Our only German couple is the very passionate Kevin and Sharon- they were known as the “dream couple” of this year’s Big Brother 15 in Germany. They even gave themselves the nickname Shavin. I don’t know what that means in German, but in English, all I see is “shavin’ ”. As in, your legs. Clever. In the midst of a lot of cuddlin’ and lovin’ on camera, the couple- and the public- wondered how they planned to keep their romance going outside of the house, due to the fact that they reside a good distance apart; Germany is a rather large country. However, they appear to be a little family now, because recently, Kevin visited Sharon and her young daughter Paulina in Hamburg, and the three spent four days together, going to the zoo and swimming. Awww. Now fans are trying to figure in Paulina’s name to “Shavin”, with suggestions the likes of “ShavinPauli.” Just… no. The best of luck to the couple, though, because other than their ludicrous nicknaming tendencies, it seems like they could be the real deal.

6. Ryan And Jen



Love-themed Season 9 (U.S.) saw a lot of action, and Ohioans Ryan and Jen were no exception. They were probably the craziest of the housemates, actually, when it came to their sexcapades. They were a real-life couple who entered the house pretending to be strangers. They were matched by Big Brother with different “soulmates” (partners) for the season, so they had to sneak around. If you ask me, that probably made it all the more fun! Ryan Quicksall and Jen Diturno had sex on the toilet in the bathroom, where they knew there were cameras- but hey, at least even if millions of Americans could see, their dozen or so housemates couldn’t! Makes sense. There was also some suspicious under-the-pillow motions going on, which can only mean a few things. And this, in the bright bedroom where anyone could walk in at any time! Risky, but props to them!

5. Brendon And Rachel



Also commonly known as just “Brenchel”, following the whole “Brangelina” name-combo trend, Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly are a notorious American Big Brother couple who met on the show (Season 12 in 2010). They were less than likable, to say the least, mostly because of feisty Rachel’s boisterous, opinionated personality, and the fact that she left her bright red hair extensions laying around pretty much everywhere. Then again, they could have been hated, by their housemates at least, because they were a power couple who won comp after comp. It really was like Brenchel against the House, but in the end they did not take home the grand prize.

In the house they grossed their fellow housemates and viewers alike with their extensive PDA and sheer sappiness. In fact, they became famous for exactly that, along with her drama queen antics and his being totally whipped. The two became engaged on Valentine’s Day 2011, then returned to the BB house that year, and Rachel won the season. They married in 2012, appeared on The Amazing Race 20 later the same year, and recently welcomes their first child this past April.

4. Matty And Natalie



All of Season 9 we watched Matt McDonald, aka Matty, being fawned over by Natalie Cunial. She followed him around like a puppy dog, and loved that they were “soulmates” from the beginning. This meant that they played the game as a “couple,” as that was the twist for Season 9, and Big Brother (U.S.) decided who was with whom. Matty was on the fence about her, but it became clear that he was increasingly annoyed by her, and poor Natalie’s efforts only made things worse for her. And then (because naturally this seems like the right next step to take) he hooked up with her. Natalie was  over the moon of course, but Matty told her that she had “interpreted the gesture incorrectly.” Wow. First of all, a gesture? Second of all, just no. She was better off, though, because later on Matty and the winner of the season, Adam Jasinski, were arrested for the possession and distribution of over 2,000 oxycodone pills. Matty served 3 years after being convicted.

3. Jessie And Lydia



Jessie Godderz is a muscle-man with a name spelled like the girl’s version! But he is also a lovable, yet narcissistic ladies’ man, known for his housemate hookups second only to his physique. He appeared in both Seasons 10 and 11 in American BB (though he has made guest appearances on seasons 12, 13, 14, and 17, as well), the latter of which he was the lone man in a love triangle that also included Natalie Martinez and Lydia Tavera. He also had a brief thing with Michelle Costa, and interestingly enough, as Big Brother Wikia points out, all three of his Showmances were with Hispanic women. Though he liked Natalie the best, and had a little fun with her too, his “fun” with Lydia was more prevalent throughout the season. But alas, he got the boot before either of the girls did, and the women he had pitted against each other teamed up in the end.

2. Nick And Harry



I know what you’re thinking (two guys?!?), but think again. I am talking about Nick Henderson and Harry Amelia Hart, who met last summer on BBUK. The latest is that she is pregnant, even though they broke up a month ago! She must be pretty far along too, because when Nick revealed the news via Twitter in April, they already knew the gender: a boy. Harry, a former adult entertainment star, had been dropping clues on social media, such as the meme that read, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened and he didn’t get you pregnant.” Captioned: “Awkward”. Nice. After the show, the two were inseparable for eight months and were even considering marriage. We don’t know what exactly went wrong for the young, soon-to-be parents (she cites “differences in their social classification”, but sorry- that seems weird), especially given all the love they showed us in the early days of their relationship. Their son will always know just how much his parents loved each other, in fact, because it was all documented on those BBcameras and will live on forever on the internet. Even though now Daddy tweets things like “When people go out for posh fancy dinners but can’t pay back the money they owe you” in response to Mommy’s tweets of her own. But at one time, they did love each other. A lot. The poor kid will always have his proof, at least, even if that is the only way he ever gets to see his parents getting along.

1. Dappy And Luisa



It seems as though it is the “celebrities” who are none the shyer to be, shall we say, promiscuous, on screen, does it not? Here we have yet another Celebrity Big Brother duo, N-Dubz rapper Dappy and Luisa Zissman, a former Apprentice star. Between a steamy shower scene, a near-naked romp in the pool, and Luisa confessing that Dappy is who she would most like to sleep with in the house, it was obvious from the moment these two met that they had some crazy chemistry. And from the way they talked, it was clear they adored each other. He even attempted what was supposed to be (I think) a sexy naked dance, and put his head in her shirt on a dare! The dare did not include, however, Dappy grinding on her, which heso did. With his head all up in her cleavage. And Luisa was squealing and loving every second of it! Hey, as long as everyone is happy, right? Perhaps it is not always the drama that is so intriguing, if the players are keen to be so very asinine. And they so often are.


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