Bored BULLY Fights VIDEO

This Big Man Didn’t Expect To Be Suckerpunched

This Big Man Didn’t Expect To Be Suckerpunched

It’s so satisfying to see a bully get his comeuppance.

In a car park, two men stand having a discussion, while a third man films it. One is bigger and taller than the other and looking at them; if you think a fight is going to go down, you wouldn’t hesitate to bet on the bigger guy.

The heavier man clearly didn’t think he had anything to worry about from his opponent, either, and seems quite laid back while the smaller man is on edge.

As you can see in the video, the bigger man in the white T-shirt is having a go at the other man, who is shaking his hands. He doesn’t seem like he wants to be there.

And then out of nowhere – the smaller man suckerpunches him. Bam bam! Two short jabs to the head and he’s on the floor.

It’s a knock out.

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