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Of all the movies to look forward to this year, there were quite a few that failed to meet expectations. When it comes to life, things go much smoother with low, or even zero, expectations. In the case of films, however, it’s hard not to want more each time you go. With fall films well under way, we thought we’d take a look back at a few that failed to make our anticipation worth the wait.

2015 movies that failed to meet expectations, movie letdowns 2015, tomorrowland
Possibly one of the most hyped adventure films this summer was “Tomorrowland,” which came and went like a fart in a wind storm. Starring George Clooney and Britt Robertson, it lacked any clear vision despite its visual appeal. Jumping across genres which failed to connect and getting a bow tossed on it at the end like some left-for-dead Christmas gift, the film quickly went from a magical thrill ride to a place we didn’t want to visit again for some time. Big props to the climate change references, though.

2015 movies that failed to meet expectations, movie letdowns 2015, chappie
Everyone had high hopes for the modern day “Short Circuit,” but the story of an intelligent, likable police robot named Chappie, which was directed by “District 9” genius Neill Blomkamp, turned out not so great after all. We saw Hugh Jackson like we never want to see him in a film that, while worth the watch, was never really much of anything. Instead, it strayed far from its potential by its conclusion and gave a playful face to Blomkamp’s sad outlook on modern day humanity.

Avengers: Age of Ultron
2015 movies that failed to meet expectations, movie letdowns 2015, avengers age of ultron
This heavy hitter from Marvel Studios was the follow-up to 2012’s “The Avengers.” Only now, with the need for bigger villains, a bigger cast and bigger expectations, it failed to appease Comic-Con regulars. The film, while still impressive compared to most superhero flicks, failed to make much of an impact outside of its usual extensive action scenes, constant chaos and pointless side plots (Black Widow hooking up with The Hulk?). The whole thing just made us wonder what the next one could possibly be about.

Black Mass
2015 movies that failed to meet expectations, movie letdowns 2015, black mass
Don’t get us wrong, Johnny Depp was great as a scary, thuggish monster who rose from small-time criminal to city mobster, but something was missing in this “Blow” meets “Donnie Brasco” Boston crime thriller. Joel Edgerton was spectacular. Benedict Cumberbatch was his usual perfection. Even Jesse Plemons was good. And we love, love, love Dakota Johnson. Maybe it was the lack of events actually taking place or Adam Scott with a stupid mustache throwing us off, but something was definitely missing. It felt like a lesser sequel to “Goodfellas.”

2015 movies that failed to meet expectations, movie letdowns 2015, trainwreck
Amy Schumer has been riding a pervy wave of boner joke success, but it topped out with another Judd Apatow flick that, of course, went on way too long. While we loved the underrated “Spy” by Paul Feig, an earlier summer movie with a hilarious female lead, we just couldn’t get into this film, especially after the disastrous Matthew Broderick/Marv Albert/Chris Evert cameo. We still love you, Amy, but “Trainwreck” couldn’t live up to the trailers.

Get Hard
2015 movies that failed to meet expectations, movie letdowns 2015, get hard
With so many Will Ferrell characters who’ve left us wanting more — Ricky Bobby, Chazz Michael Michaels and a series of presidential spoofs — we’ve found that the curly-haired comedian is best left to surprise cameos in other people’s films, like “Wedding Crashers” or “Starsky & Hutch.” A generous percentage of times he’s the lead, the trailer hypes up his best moments and leaves the rest of the film to bore us to tears. Ferrell as a millionaire on his way to the big house in “Get Hard” definitely had its funny moments, especially with the help of Kevin Hart, but it was still a far cry from the days of “Old School.” This just goes to show he shouldn’t be allowed to act unless Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson or Ben Stiller are in the vicinity. We did rather enjoy Alison Brie in the film, though.

Jurassic World
2015 movies that failed to meet expectations, movie letdowns 2015, jurassic world
What was an impressive mega blockbuster sequel at the box office was also a theme park ride piggybacking off a ’90s franchise with a nostalgic following. Everything was much bigger than the original, but the hand of Hollywood was ever-present, as there was clearly more interest in showmanship than storyline. Taking a simple idea and expanding it with big budget visuals, this film sets up sequels that will be just as hollow once you give them a second glance and look past the glamour of high-def dinos. And if you saw it in 3D, you now won’t be able to appreciate it without the glasses, and that’s coming from a guy who doesn’t prefer 3D movies.

Terminator Genisys
2015 movies that failed to meet expectations, movie letdowns 2015, terminator genisys
Arnold’s movies have struggled a little in the reviews department recently, with “Terminator Genisys” receiving a whopping 26 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite some of his best performances — see “Maggie” now — the return of The Governator has proven a bit of a challenge. “Genisys” was one of the higher grossing of the franchise, but it had one of the highest budgets, too. Though it nearly broke half a billion dollars, it’s regarded as the worst film of the franchise to date. We’ll see if they can squeeze another blockbuster sequel out of the chamber.

2015 movies that failed to meet expectations, movie letdowns 2015, pan
Ever since the days of “Hook” with Robin Williams facing off against Dustin Hoffman, we’ve desired a reinvention of Peter Pan. Johnny Depp’s “Finding Neverland” proved to be a clever playwright stance on the mythology, but with “Pan” (another 26-percenter), we got another version of Hugh Jackman we could do without and some more of that blockbuster charm that adds more visual design than substance. Failing to find its way, this latest effort was certainly a spectacle to look forward to, but it was sadly lost on fans of the late Mrs. Doubtfire.

Fantastic Four
2015 movies that failed to meet expectations, movie letdowns 2015, fantastic four
In addition to being a rotten movie with hilariously rotten reviews, even the director of the film tried to distance himself before people even got a chance to see it. You might expect a younger, more in shape cast to top its unsuccessful predecessor with a few new tricks, but no. There isn’t much to say here except just “no.”



Lets just hope they don’t have to add Star Wars to this list.

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