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Bikini babes Go Wild During Wet T-Shirt Competition In Magaluf

Bikini babes Go Wild During Wet T-Shirt Competition In Magaluf

Even during the more passive daylight hours things can get pretty wild on the Spanish island known for its debauched and drunken nightlife.In this footage – filmed at Mambo’s Terrace Bar on the western coast of Mallorca – women can be seen lining up to wow a crowd of men in the sun.They then take turns on the podium, shimmying around in hot pants and skimpy T-shirts.

Babe bends over for a hosingBULLSEYE: Water splashes over one of the dancing babes
Wet t-shirt babe cuddlesHUGS: One of the wet T-shirt competitors cuddles up to a punter
Things hot up further when they start dropping down for squats and twerking while being hosed down with water.And if that wasn’t enough, punters then were handed out hugs and kisses by the women.And – according to the DJ – that was just round one.

Mambo’s is a beach bar especially popular with stag and hen do parties.

The bar features live sports action, rodeo bulls and sexy dancers for the summer months.

Viewers online even felt the heat from their computers.

Blonde babe whips hairWET: Blonde babe whips her hair on the podium while hosed down
Babe kisses punterPECKED: A lass dishes out a kiss for a punter
Facebook user Jamie Lambert wrote: “Great if you’re a judge! I had an awesome time.”And Nicolas Guillan added: “Goddam. It provokes you.”Things keep getting hotter and hotter in top holiday spot Magaluf.

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