Bikini Babe Hits Rock Bottom When Her Rope Swing Fun Goes All Wrong

Bikini Babe’s Hits Rock Bottom When Her Rope Swing Fun Goes All Wrong


In the clip, a young is seen crashing into rocks after letting go of a rope swing too early. The footage shows the woman dressed in bikini trying to swing into calm waters from a height of around 15ft. But before she reaches the water she lets go of the rope and hurtles into a thick set of rocks below – much to her friends horror. The person filming the dramatic moment exclaims “oh my god” as the woman rebounds off the rocks into water. It appears her ribs would have taken the brunt of the impact from the fall. The clip ends with the girl splashing about in the shallow water as her friend laughs. Her identity and the location of the video were not disclosed – but the velocity of the swing and impact suggest it would have caused substantial pain. The woman can be seen emerging from the water before the clip shows the fall in slow motion.

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