Bikini Barista Gets Destroyed After Attempting To Raise Money For New Car

This is the type of girl you bring home to Mom. This bikini barista and vape promo angle was looking for some money so she started a GoFundMe.
I have no problem with people running these, but they need to be people who actually need them! This girl is busy “stunting” on her Social Media about being a boss, but doesn’t have enough money to fix up her ride?

This is Maddy.

Before you get mad at me for putting her info out there, you need to know she wants to be famous. So maybe we can help her out a little bit… Or one of you guys will throw her a couple bones for some help on her car…

Here is the top of her GoFundMe post: 

This photo was attached to the top: 

There are a few red flags on this account. One she is getting just lit up in the comments, and two she seems like she has money.


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